Saturday, August 27, 2011

Better Late Than Never

I have seen hundreds of "first day of school" pics on FB and blogs. And I have been quite lazy about it this year. Maybe because I felt last year was the first day of preschool, and next year will be the first day of kindergarten. But yes, technically, she started 4 year old preschool at the same place. So here are a few pics for documentary sake. I didn't really get emotional about it - thank goodness. But I'm pretty sure I was saving all my tears for May.

Sporting her MeenyMinyMoe most of the week. Check her out on FB.

MC was nervous on the way to school (don't think I've ever seen her nervous - but she kept telling me she was going to "grow up" = throw up.) She didn't talk in the car - which is strange for her. She misses her previous teacher, Mrs. Courtney, terribly. But she has Mrs. Kacy as her new teacher. How did I forget to take that picture? Probably because I was surrounded by the 15 other 4 year olds in her class. Bless Mrs. Kacy. God, give her strength and patience. We get out of the car, and she sees tons of her friends but she is still stuck my leg (also not like her). "Mommy, is Claire here?" and one of the teachers calls for Claire across the playground... let me just say it was like watching a movie in slow motion. They are running to each other arms outstretched smiling shouting the other's name relief written across their face and they hug each other like there's no tomorrow oh the world is right now. And she took off without even saying goodbye. and that was that.

Claire and Mati Claire

So this is why a giant sandbox has been added to her Christmas List for Santa. I find sand in new places everyday. oh, I think that's Mrs. Kacy leaning over - better pic next time. Hm..I'm starting to wonder if they ever actually go inside. ;) Fun times. MC loves it.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

This Little Piggy

My first piggy woke up one morning and asked me if we could make money. So I explained to her that's why mommy and daddy go to work... you have to do something to make money. Little did I know at the time, she meant to actually MAKE i.e. mint, draw, create money. So then I had another conversation about making money vs. EARNING money. The concept definitely caught on. She asked for something to put her money in. I was thinking a piggy bank! She was thinking a new purse! Yes, because the one she has is "old." So I had yet another conversation about why we go to the bank vs. mommy's purse. I showed her how empty my purse was. ( one tell her about credit cards yet please). My sister found her this cute piggy bank at Target i think. Every day she asks what she can do. Slow down yall. Yes, I will eventually make her do these things without getting paid = chores, but to start - I thought it was ok to give her the spare change out of my wallet and Matt's fish bowl to seal the concept. What child do you know that begs to go clean her room and her brother's room!!! Then begs to clean the windows (no, not breaking any child labor laws). Her great-grandmother sent her $ for her birthday, and then "uncle" James slipped her some $ behind our backs ;), plus all the change she gets from me...i mean, this piggy is loaded...for a 4 year old. She has more $ in that bank than I do in my purse.

And here's the BEST part.... "mommy? when its full.... i'll give some to God and give the rest to somebody who needs it."

Monday, August 8, 2011

Just For Laughs

I think everyone could use a good laugh today. Remember this one?