Saturday, July 16, 2016

4 kids and all...

I heard someone say the other day "you know... she's tired...she's kids...and all."  yeah... that pretty much sums it up.  4 kids and all.

When did summers get so busy?  And I don't even feel like we have a schedule quite like some of my friends.  June was full of a beach trip, VBS, doctor appointments for everyone, getting ready for 4th of July activities and birthday parties.  Then July hits.  Next thing I know I'm ordering new backpacks and school supplies.  Swim lessons, Kids' Camp, and our yearly summer trip to Tennessee to visit my family.   Bam.  School starts the week after we get back.  I had "plans" to clean out closets, swap seasonal clothing in the kids' closets, do some major cleaning out with baby clothes/items and decorating our master bedroom.  Not.happening.  ugh.

I've had another psoriasis flareup and I can't use pregnancy or breastfeeding hormones to help that out anymore.  I finally met with a rheumatologist concerning my psoriatic arthritis (seeing as how my psoriasis WAS under control at the time).  I have been taking methotrexate since March and they have increased my dose twice and I'm still not seeing a huge benefit yet.  The arthritis is slightly better but I caught strep at the beach and it triggered a flareup.  So obviously the mtx didn't prevent that (which it technically probably should have).  Next step is adding Humira injectable...and I was really hoping to avoid that.  But here I am with Mati Claire telling me it looks like I have chicken pox.

I started back on my Advocare and TeamFit plans.  Its INTENSE!  I feel like I spend most of my days either taking my supplements, planning my meals so I can be prepared on the go, or actually eating one of my six meals.  You definitely don't go hungry on this plan but its definitely not for the sissies.  We've discovered MuscleEgg.  When you there are certain days you can be eating up to almost 15 egg whites a day.... you will vomit egg whites when you exercise.   so we drink them now.  tastes like chocolate milk.  again, its hard core stuff!  But I'm dedicated to losing weight and getting in shape!  I would post pictures, but I'm not ready for that yet.  I have lost technically about 15 lbs.  put on alot of muscle too (so you can't really go by the scales).  I've lost a total of 12" all over so far.  I still have a long way to go, but consistency is the key and I'm hanging in there.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my 2 beautiful girls!  Mati Claire turned 9 and Merritt turned 4.  Being 5 years apart, its really hard to do a joint party when they are so different and in different times in their life.  Merritt is still a die-hard Mickey Mouse fan and Mati Claire wants preteen activities.  They may look similar but they are total opposites.  When Mati Claire begs and pleads with me to not have to share "her day" -- its really hard to argue with her.  BUT... this mommy is pushing 40 and I can not party for 2 straight days anymore.  With the planning, the cleaning, the gifts, the traveling to wherever, the feeding, and even the fun of it... I can't hang.  Soon next year we have decided we will do a joint swim party (now that Merritt isn't terrified of the water anymore).  I will even 2 separate cakes if they want, as long as its on the same day and same time - so I only have clean up ONCE in one location.

Getting in shape to be "40 and Fit" brings me to my next note:  Matt will be turning 40 next year!  How I wish the blog had emoji's!! hahahahaha!  Me being the planner that I am... and accepting the fact that he is NOT a party kind of guy (at all)... we are going on a trip!  Alone!  Well, together, but leaving the kids with my parents!  For TWOOOO whole weeks!!!!!!!!!  oh my goodness I'm so excited!  And I have a whole year to try to contain the excitement!  Flights are booked.  Trip/hotels are booked.  Now I'm nervous.  a whole year to contemplate how I'm going to leave Mason for 2 straight weeks = we will be Facetiming ALOT!

 We loooove our "Chachel" so much.  Mitt wasn't a fan of jumping -- but only if Chachel did it with her!  And Mason can spot frosting from across a room.  He goes crazy for cake!

 a Minnie party for our skinny minnie!  We love our Mrs. Ty too!  The world is a better place because of Mrs. Ty!  It is a Minnie miracle that the cake survived the car trip for an hour.  I think it was about to fall apart by the time we got to the lake!

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