Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Incredible Hulk

Not really incredible. Just call me the Hulk. Green and mean and can't control emotions. Twice this past week, I have lost control and literally felt my skin tingle, shake, and there's no dam strong enough to hold the tears back. I know its hormones. I think its almost funny because I don't remember crying ONE time when I was pregnant with MC. Matt says it must be all that testosterone growing. If this is what it feels like - I'm glad I'm a girl.

My goal this week is to do as little as possible and STAY HOME! If I don't answer my phone, it's because I'm napping, dozing, or snoozing. MC is not feeling well this week so we're staying inside!

Here are a few pictures from the Pumpkin Party this past weekend. MC did NOT handle it well but at least I got a few pics in. The party was fun, and to no one's fault, the Miley girls couldn't help turning green. One of those days where we should have stayed in bed.
My little 50's girl. Hmmm...next year's costume idea just came to me: The Hulk.
Running back to Mommy screaming and crying
"This is all I want to do Mommy" -- I apologize to whoever these mums belong to.

Monday, October 19, 2009

In need of another vacation

Yes, I think I need another vacation...somewhere WARM. I don't care that I would look like a beached whale. Okay, maybe not quite a whale yet - maybe a shark. I am tired and in the worse possible mood today. Let me vent. First, I HATE cold weather. My skin is dry and itchy. What's the point in fixing your hair because the wind blows it to pieces. Why work out and attempt to look in shape when you just have to layer thick heavy clothes on? Clothes that shed and sweaters that ball up after 3 wearings. Obviously the sun hasn't shone around here or I'd be in a better mood. I totally lost it today at the mall and snapped on a few strangers. It didn't even bother me that I got the "you witch" look. Secondly, I am just plain tired. Physically and mentally. Might explain my shopping trip outbursts today. And hormones.

On a better note, here's a sweet picture from over the weekend of Payton and Mati Claire. Happy Birthday Payton, Landry, Paula (my MIL), and my Mom!!!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Boston, Baby, and Blow-Outs!

Eating lobster at Legal Sea Foods. One of my favorite restaurants there.

Well we are back from Boston! I liked it but it was very cold and windy. I think I would have liked it better if I wasn't pregnant... wasn't ready for all the walking, the cold, crazy cab drivers making me car sick, and the smell of seafood in the air. We didn't get to do alot of sight-seeing, but managed to squeeze in a one-hour tour. LOTS of history there. I shopped with my friend, Sherry, while the hubbys were in conference. I scored a GORGEOUS new diaper bag that I can't wait to use. We spent the rest of the time with co-workers and dining out.

Looking down from the top floor of a 4-story aquarium. Amazing in person.

Shopping on Newbury Street. Stores looked like townhouses.

This was my dessert at dinner one night. A chocolate cake (ice cream on right) drizzled with GOLD. Not sure what the gold was made of but it was the neatest looking dessert I've ever had. It looked like liquid gold.

We were only home 1 day, and Mati Claire woke up this morning with vomiting and diarrhea. No fever! Someone explain that. She seems to be fine in between episodes. Not sure what it is.
Most of you saw this on Facebook, but prepare yourselves if you didn't. We have picked out a name! Mattox William Wesley Miley! Yes, 4 names. William is my Dad's and grandfather's name, Wesley is Matt's Dad and grandfather's name. But we still wanted him to have a name of his own. I like it spelled Maddox, but Matt is insisting on Mattox with a T. We are contemplating hyphenating the middle names, William-Wesley, if it makes the birth certificate or legal documents any easier in the future. I wasn't sure about 4 names, but monogramming still works since the middle initial will be W. So for anyone buying Christmas gifts or baby gifts, you can still use MWM or MMW. What's even weirder, is that William and Wesley are both the names our Dad's DON'T use. Weird how it works out that way. I am beginning to feel like George Foreman with 3 Matt's in the house. We'll have Matt, Mati, and 'Matt'ox. Honestly, this was NOT planned.

Here are a few pictures. I have to get back to cleaning up vomit and doing laundry! ha!