Thursday, April 16, 2015

Double Trouble and First Easter

I seem to be running about a week behind on everything lately!  Last week, we welcomed our first nephew (on either side for us) into the world!  Mr. Colton Howard Findley came out a week early with a head full of hair already!  His daddy is so jealous I'm quite sure!  Our family is blessed beyond measure!  Mason and Colton are 3 weeks apart ---- and we are anticipating a fun and entertaining future with these two.  Congrats, Rachel and Aaron!

I can't seem to get any good pics of Mason actually AWAKE -- he slept through their first meeting but that was ok because it gave me plenty of time to hold Colton.

Easter Sunday was really close to all these births!  Mason was only 2 1/2 weeks old and I didn't want to get him out yet, but decided it was his first Easter and we made it to church (late of course).  I have the best in-laws who brought Sunday lunch to our house after that!  Here's our first family photo of all 6 of us!

Can you tell who has to be center of attention all the time? 
MC wasn't mad, just cold!  But here's one without Mitt's hands in front of Mattox's face.
Yall know I'm obsessed with my Easter baskets and Christmas stockings.  I FINALLY got to use all 4 of my baskets I bought when I was pregnant with Mati Claire!  Who knew back then because I bought 2 pink and 2 greens ????  WEIRD!  

 Speaking of other things weird, we realized that not only was Mitt born on Mati Claire's due date, but Mason was also born on Mattox's due date!!  that's really weird to us.  Not to mention that the girls are both July babies born 5 years apart, and the boys are both March babies born 5 years apart.  History definitely repeats itself in our house.

We also have some freakishly weird birthdays collectively.
My mom's is 10/21/52 and my MIL's is 10/12/52.
My dad's is 3/3/48 and my FIL's is 2/1/48… who I thought for the longest time was on 2/2 but that's my SIL's birthday.
Mattox was born on my parent's wedding anniversary.
The whole due date thing I mentioned above.
Mason was born on my BIL's and my cousin's birthday.
and now Colton was born on my sister's birthday!  Who turned 40 by the way.  ;)

Matt and I take "written in the stars" to a whole new level I think. ;)

Today is my first day without mom here to help me.  Luckily Matt didn't have to be at work til 10am so I had some help doing the morning routine/school runs.  And luckily for everyone involved, Mitt is at MDO.  Lawd help me… that child.  Yesterday, she went poop in her pull-ups THREE separate times (potty training not going so well after a month), painted her entire body with pink toothpaste,  and managed to ALMOST lose a Lego up her nose.  1 more millimeter and we would have been visiting Daddy at work.  She alone totally exhausts me.  I am mentally and physically drained just being around her.  Love her to bits and she makes it all worth it when she smiles through it all.  How does she do that?

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