Sunday, July 20, 2014

Merritt Turns 2!!

I absolutely can not believe Merritt is TWO years old!  That's crazy!  She's doing great overall.  She has a few "minor" things that we need to work on but I try not to stress over that stuff and just enjoy her at her own pace.  

She weighs 21.6 pounds (which was around the 5-8th% I think?).  I can't remember how tall she was, but she was in the 34% for height.  She eats like a champ and almost anything and everything we give her (except fruit).  She wears size 18 month clothes (a few size 24 months and very few size 2).  

Our pediatrician is still worried about possible speech and physical delays although she is not in either therapy.  I have to remind myself that she has only been walking for 6 months and obviously won't be able to keep up with the other kids on the playground (although she is Superwoman in her mind).  To me, she falls a bit more and I think that's a bit balance related.  Not off balance, but doesn't seem to have good balance. I'm thinking ballet might strengthen that - hehe ;)   She is beginning to put 2 words together and attempting all kinds of new words, so I take that as improvement.  yay!

She stays constipated... so Miralax and Prevacid are her best friends still.  

We have pulled her pacifier and we are desperately working on losing the bottle.  She is NOT a friend of a sippy cup and the speech therapist will only allow the straw-type cups.  If you see us around, please don't judge me for having a 2 year old still on the baby bottle.  I'm trying (and my other kids were pulled cold turkey at 1).

Cardiology will see us again in a year, and we are contemplating putting a closure device for her VSD.  The only thing holding us back is the fact that she has NO issues or symptoms regarding this.  Her VSD doesn't really affect her.  It has continually decreased in size and is considered very small now.  Usually if they haven't closed by age 5, they won't.  Right now we still watching it.  

She is going to start Mothers-Day-Out this fall, because I need a break from all her drama! ;)  but hopefully that goes well.  

Overall, she is a happy beautiful girl!  She is very attached to me and demands the attention over the other kids.  She loves to sing and dance!  We are truly blessed and couldn't be more proud of her!
Happy 2nd Birthday, Mitt!


I guess I don't blog in the summer!  wow - sorry about that!
We have taken trips to the beach (Grayton Beach, FL and Amelia Island, FL) and spent almost every weekend at our lake house.  The girls had a small joint birthday party a few weeks ago.  Mati Claire got her ears pierced and lost 2 teeth in the same week.  Its been a bit crazy around here and I'm begging for school to start so I can take a nap. ;)  Will do a separate post for Merritt's birthday and update.

But here are a few of my favorite pics from the summer:

Poppy and Mattox hanging out at Grayton Beach, FL

Catching up with old friends in Amelia Island, FL

My precious big girl posing for the camera while everyone else plays miniature golf.
Happy 7th Birthday, Mati Claire!

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