Saturday, February 21, 2015

Baby Mason

Mason Paul Miley!  I can not believe he is almost here!  4 1/2 more weeks!  I'd like to say that I'm savoring and cherishing these last few days of being pregnant forever… but I'm not.  I'm over it.  Ready for him to get here.  Ready to NOT be pregnant anymore.  Ready to be done with all the backaches.  Over the 3rd trimester.  Love being pregnant overall - but I'm done.  The bakery is closed.  Oven is out of order.

And WHEN I get baby fever again and want to feel a baby kicking my bladder… I'll just hold some other baby!  And remind myself that I am getting to sleep at night.  And look forward to the days that I will be a grandmother (yep I said it).

35 pound weight gain for me so far and I still have a month to go!  WOW!  He has always measured in the 30-45% on the ultrasound size (which is still small according to them).  Mattox stayed in the 10% the entire pregnancy and he was born at 7#7oz.  Sooooo…. even though they are estimating Mason at 5#7oz at the moment, I am going to predict an 8 pounder!  I couldn't eat with Mattox and was very sick, but I have had NO trouble eating with this one!

As much as I don't want him coming early (I wouldn't wish the NICU on anyone), I am READY to get this show on the road!  Can't wait to meet Mason and what appears to be his chubby cheeks!

I'm hoping and praying for an easy section and that he is healthy as predicted.   I am hoping he takes after Mati Claire (pregnancy-wise he has) because she was my cool/calm/collected/never cried/always smiled/very content baby.  I hope he takes after Mattox because he was my sleep champion/poster child for breastfeeding baby.  I hope he takes after Merritt because she knows how to eat what I cook (with a smile on her face and then asks for seconds)!

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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Disney World 2015

Yeah…about that.  #1 question this week is WHY did I go to Disney World at 35 weeks pregnant?  Matt had a conference there and we booked/paid for it BEFORE I got pregnant.  With the girls it took us 5 months to get pregnant…so yeah… not as long this time if you catch what I'm saying.  Poor planning, but Matt threatened to cancel the trip if something serious happened during the pregnancy (i.e. another Merritt or something like that).  My OB/GYN, Dr. Travelstead, said she was ok with me flying and going "AS LONG AS I RODE IN A WHEELCHAIR!"  Or did half days and stayed at the hotel after lunch.  I really thought I could persuade Matt into letting me out of the wheelchair scene… but he took Dr. T's side.  As we all know, walking (and lots of it at that) can start/trigger the labor process; and I still have over a month to go!

Needless to say, I got many "looks" and for me, it was quite embarrassing.  After the first day, even I had to admit to myself that I did in fact NEED the wheelchair.  I thought Mason would fall out at any given moment.   Third trimester has slapped me in the face = swelling, contractions, low pressure, painful back aches, numbness in my joints/hips, heartburn/nausea, etc… oh, good times!

Just when I thought I could do this.  Nope.  Age + 3rd trimester + Mason AKA Brutus the BEAST of a baby =

Luckily, I had lots of help from my parents and sister.  My nieces keep my older 2 entertained (or maybe its the other way around?).  And Matt has moved up to Superhero status as he pushed me in the wheelchair for 4 straight days!  Perks of riding in a wheelchair began to surface and I did feel guilty at first (not like I had a broken leg or was 90 years old like some I saw).  Then I reminded myself that they were probably in the same boat as me because I was mentally asking myself "why would someone with a broken leg come to Disney? couldn't they cancel their trip as well?"  So to each his own!  I began to own my wheelchair by the end of the trip and didn't mind any of those "questionable looks"! :)

Also, because Mattox has woken up for the past 2 years stating that "when I'm 5, I'm going to DisneyWorld"  (and I'm not exaggerating.  He never forgets anything I say).  ]

We had a great time though despite me being pregnant!  I have never been this big physically - I reached my all time record high weight gain like 2 months ago.  Mason has an unending appetite and I am predicting an 8 pounder… hence my beastie.  He may be last, but he certainly won't be the least!  :)

And of course, we can't come home without someone getting sick.  Mati Claire came home running fever with a stomach bug :(  so this mommy is back to reality!

I was proud of MC and Mattox for riding almost everything they physically could.  Soarin' at Epcot seemed to be one of their overall favorites.   Documenting everything here, because we won't be going back for a very…very… long time! :)

Here is everyone except Rob, my brother in law; kids are all wearing hats that my sister's friend made for them.  
My favorite pic of the entire trip!  MC's first roller coaster (Rockin' Rollercoaster at Hollywood Studios)  Even I've never seen that expression on Kerigan's face (behind Kennedy) = priceless!

Everyone's favorite fun ride = Toy Story
Mitt's first time in the Tea Cups and was NOT a fan.  
Heather and Kerigan's first trip to the Beast's castle; and I call Mason my "beast"
At our hotel room at the Boardwalk Resort

My precious.  She couldn't do much because of her age/size, but she loved the parades! 
Because he is ALL boy.  
2 years old going on 12.  She thinks she can hold the post while moving in a train like everyone else.

Proof for Dr. Travelstead that I did in fact ride in a wheelchair! 

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