Saturday, February 21, 2015

Baby Mason

Mason Paul Miley!  I can not believe he is almost here!  4 1/2 more weeks!  I'd like to say that I'm savoring and cherishing these last few days of being pregnant forever… but I'm not.  I'm over it.  Ready for him to get here.  Ready to NOT be pregnant anymore.  Ready to be done with all the backaches.  Over the 3rd trimester.  Love being pregnant overall - but I'm done.  The bakery is closed.  Oven is out of order.

And WHEN I get baby fever again and want to feel a baby kicking my bladder… I'll just hold some other baby!  And remind myself that I am getting to sleep at night.  And look forward to the days that I will be a grandmother (yep I said it).

35 pound weight gain for me so far and I still have a month to go!  WOW!  He has always measured in the 30-45% on the ultrasound size (which is still small according to them).  Mattox stayed in the 10% the entire pregnancy and he was born at 7#7oz.  Sooooo…. even though they are estimating Mason at 5#7oz at the moment, I am going to predict an 8 pounder!  I couldn't eat with Mattox and was very sick, but I have had NO trouble eating with this one!

As much as I don't want him coming early (I wouldn't wish the NICU on anyone), I am READY to get this show on the road!  Can't wait to meet Mason and what appears to be his chubby cheeks!

I'm hoping and praying for an easy section and that he is healthy as predicted.   I am hoping he takes after Mati Claire (pregnancy-wise he has) because she was my cool/calm/collected/never cried/always smiled/very content baby.  I hope he takes after Mattox because he was my sleep champion/poster child for breastfeeding baby.  I hope he takes after Merritt because she knows how to eat what I cook (with a smile on her face and then asks for seconds)!

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Claire Nettles said...

Love those sweet cheeks! Can't wait to meet this little baby and playmate. :-)

The Clem Family said...

I hear ya! I am trying to enjoy the last few weeks of being pregnant too, but most days that is not easy to do! I keep telling my hubby that the heartburn, aches and pains, swollen feet and hands, etc are God's way of making me totally at peace with this being my last baby. Good luck with the last month of your pregnancy!