Monday, March 10, 2014

Not My Party

Mattox requested we go to Chuck E. Cheese yesterday for his birthday.  It was more of "lets meet at C.E.C for lunch after church… and I'll have some chocolate cake too!"  There were no balloons, no table covers, no "theme" other than the mouse himself, only 1 of his friends was invited, and no food other than pizza and cake.  Etsy or Pinterest was not involved and I didn't spend more than $10 on his cake.  So not a party by my definition - but its what the 4 year old wanted (and I didn't want to do a party at all).  His best friend is Matthew (I told you we have a thing for "Matt" around here ;))  and they play so well together!  My brother-in-law, Aaron, is a funny character - who needs Chuck E. Cheese when you have an Uncle A-Ron!  Matt was not happy since he's on a string of nights - and had to wake up in the middle of the day to attend… but not much I could do about that.  And Aunt "Ray" managed to come home from school to be there!  

Mati Claire is cool with not having a party this year either… but I'm beginning to feel guilt and pressure over Merritt's 2nd birthday.  What's more shocking than having a 7 and a 4 year old?  Merritt is about to turn TWO!!  How did that happen??
Here are a few funny pics.  

Mattox, Matthew, their cousin Kendall, and Mati Claire
He was actually DANCING!  That might have been a first!

"this chocolate cake is soooo good!"
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Friday, March 7, 2014


On one hand, Mattox gets ALL the attention because he is ALL boy, ONLY boy, and ALL Mr. Destructor.  On the other hand, I feel like he gets overlooked being the middle child.  He is normally (trust me not always) very laid back, very easy to please, easy to get along with (if you take his age into account), goes along with whatever is going on, and is extremely shy!

Of all my kids though… I wish this little boy would just STOP growing up.  I absolutely adore him being 3 years old.  Yes, he drives me insane most days… but I wouldn't have it any other way.  Because he is the biggest sweetheart e.v.e.r.

Some of the MANY things I love about him:

  • I still love his birthmark.  Its hidden, but noticeable if you are paying attention.  Depending on his need for a haircut.  
  • He tells me I smell like brownies.  (and no, I don't cook brownies all the time)
  • Despite his OCD, I love it at the same time.  He likes order.  He likes clean.  He has "his own way" of doing things.  And I totally get that.  But also loves a good dirt/mud pile! 
  • He doesn't mind having 2 sisters.  Not that he has a choice.  But he says "momma, I love being the only boy!"  He does LOVE his older sister though.  Definitely looks up to her.
  • When the girl hormones are raging at our house and the drama is flying high… he is ALL boy and shrugs it off… he can handle it!  hmmm… maybe he'll make a good husband one day.
  • Asks me almost every day, "Are you happy now?"    I don't know where or how that got started, but sometimes I think he's asking a rhetorical question and sometimes he's asking a literal question.  I never know with him.  Are you happy now?  It never fails to stop me in my tracks and pause.  Stop and smell the roses so to speak.  And I ALWAYS answer "I'm always happy when I'm with you!"
  • He's so down to earth.  Again, when the emotions are high, he's brings me back down to earth in a good way (not in a depressing pessimistic way but in a "mommy you are upset so I'm gonna pass gas and make you laugh til you cry" kind of way!)  
  • "I see you waiter"  = I see you later
  • "camo camo"  = camouflage 
  • "a wadadum" = a lot of them
  • "bwood" = blood  (i.e.  "mom, I have all my bwood today…its not weaking out!")
  • He's my only child that likes to snuggle with me on the couch.  Wouldn't trade those moments for the world.
Happy 4th Birthday, Mattox!  According to him though --- its just one more number closer to five!  He can't wait to turn 5.  Slow down there bud.  I thoroughly enjoyed 3.

We celebrated at his preschool today since they will be on Spring Break next week, and his only request on his actual birthday Sunday is to go to Chuck E. Cheese with his best friend, Matthew.  As you wish, son. 

Superhero cupcakes for his class party!
So shy while we sang.  
Spider-Man, Super-Man, Iron-Man, and Mad-Man! 
He chose the "Hulk" cupcake (when I really tried to persuade him to pick the Fantastic Four!)

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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Oh Pineapples!

I've been meaning to write about this for awhile now…but finally - here it is.

A few Saturdays ago, I woke early to let the housecleaners in the front door.  The painters and lawn guys arrived at the same time - so it was quite busy on my front porch at 7:30 am on a Saturday.  The housecleaners drew my attention to a full sized pineapple on my front doorstep.

At first, I thought one of my neighbors left it for me.  Then I thought perhaps my mother-in-law had been to a farmers market or something and had an extra one.  Buy one get one free - type thing.  I am 35 years old and apparently that is old because I grew up knowing that a pineapple is a symbol of hospitality.  After all, we do live in the Hospitality State!  Then I thought perhaps it was one of my new Advocare extremists… again, just being nice "welcome to starting Advocare type thing."

After an hour or so, and all the chaos from the morning died down, I got to wondering who left a pineapple on my front door.  How strange.  Still confused - I posted on Facebook "who left this?"

To my complete and utter SHOCK, I immediately started getting private messages and comments from people I haven't spoken with in years!  Apparently, a pineapple left on your front door in the middle of the night is (in today's time) actually a request or invitation to join the swingers!  And if you are old like me, you might have to Google the definition of swingers.  I.Had.No.Idea.  Completely clueless.  

After MUCH discussion and joking around on Facebook, I had to delete the post because it was getting out of hand.  I learned from random people how to respond to the swingers (if you actually want to join them) and where the swinger groups dominate around the Jackson area.  I'm sad to know that my very small-town bubble of a home is surrounded by these kinds of people.  I have heard every rumor and piece of gossip about where these couples reside and how they "do" what they do.        TMI that I could have lived without knowing!  I also found out that another couple/friends of ours also received a pineapple and they are also at a loss as to who sent it.  Which made the whole day very strange for all of us.  They live on the opposite side of town.  

We never did figure out who left it.  Soooo… IF it was a joke, no one ever came forward and said "Gotcha!" or "hey, just joking!"  If it was a joke, there are certain people that I would not be offended because crude jokes are right up their alley - and I wouldn't be surprised by them at all.  I would have actually laughed til I cried at a few people.  BUT we are still confused over the whole incident.  No one ever "fessed" up to it.  Which leads us to think that it was in fact NOT a joke.   Which is scary.

We are not laughing.  To disappoint whoever sent it:  Matt and I don't swing like that.  On one hand, I thought perhaps I should be flattered that someone would want us like that - but nope… sorry, appalling was the only word that came to mind.  My right hand will be holding a gun pointed at the next person I catch trying this little stunt.  And I will be quoting Genesis 2:24, "…a man will be joined to his wife, and they shall become ONE flesh."  Not more than one.  Just one.             (I am slightly reminded of Pulp Fiction in my mind ;)  

After researching the concept of swingers - it is also known as "wife swapping"… and it got me thinking that I was being awfully conceited to think it was more about me - and that perhaps it was someone who wanted to "swap" for/with Matt!  Apparently, whoever it was does NOT know me well…. and they should know that I am and can be extremely jealous.  Let me repeat it one more time:  we.  do.  NOT.  swing.   

It bothers me to think that someone would think we would be interested in that kind of behavior.  Have I done something to make you think that??? I hope and want to live my life for God.  The song "Let Them See You in Me" comes to mind.  I apologize if I gave someone the wrong impression is some dark and twisted kind of way!  I said a prayer for whoever it was - that you might find the real meaning and definition of the word marriage.

end of rant.  the pineapple found the trashcan.

its never dull around this house.  i can't keep the drama away.  

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