Saturday, April 30, 2011

For the Family

This is for the rest of our family out there. Kim Stone took these in front of our beach house, Avalon, in Cape San Blas, FL back in April. Someone asked where we got the outfits for the girls. My sister and I bought those from Chez Ami last year. If only I could plan their moods/behaviors like I do their clothes...Mati Claire did not cooperate that day. And Mattox was just scared to death of the beach. Overall we had a fantastic trip though! Would love to go back!

MC showing her ballet arabesque, and Kennedy showing us her karate moves.

Kerigan practicing gymnastics.

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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Reasons for NOT blogging

April has been crazy. Mati Claire too...but hey, she's still 3 for now. These pics show the many reasons I have been too busy to blog. Busy planning, shopping, preparing, packing, unpacking, cleaning, and relaxing.

First up: the Egg Hunt! This was the day after the tornado (see previous post), and the ground was not too wet! We were pleasantly surprised. So it turned out well, but very windy!

The group-effort food table! Thanks everyone for contributing!

Group photo (hopefully everyone was in this - but they wouldn't stay still)

Love me some Mattox and Hadley!

What else do you do when the party is over? Sarah walks around with the pinata on her head!

Next up: Beach Trip! This was Mati Claire and Mattox's first trip to the beach ever! It took us 9 hours to get to Cape San Blas near Port St. Joe, Florida (almost 2 hours east of Panama City). My sister rented the house and she did a superb job planning absolutely nothing! We loved being secluded and far away from all the 'tourist-y' beach places. Mati Claire was super excited. She jumped in the ocean fully clothed and was running around screaming with excitement! Mattox on the other hand did NOT like it. He stuck to his Daddy or anyone that would hold him up off the sand for the most part. He loved Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville Restuarant the most!! He danced and even checked out girls. Boy am I in trouble in about 15 years. We spent one day at GulfWorld in Panama City. MC gains her courage from seeing other kids not get killed... so she sat next to Otto the sea lion and he planted a big kiss on her head! The picture looks like she's terrified, but she enjoyed it! Overall, we had a blast!!!
Our beach house: Avalon. This pic only shows 3 floors, but it had the elevator was pretty cool. Thats a real vaca when you don't even walk up stairs! ;)

Mati Claire's first reaction to the ocean. So glad to capture that moment!

Playing on the beach with her cousins.

This is how Mattox looked most of the trip.
Otto giving MC a big kiss!

MC, Kerigan, Mattox, and Kennedy!

So before all this, I have been busy running. Yes, still trying to lose the last of the baby weight. And I did this to my toe. Don't ask me how. Apparently I don't run correctly because I don't think this is normal. Remember Pamela's fingernail? It actually doesn't hurt insanely because I tried to go running at the beach and I think I have a knee of a 90 year old. Not sure if its arthritis or tendonitis or something along those lines.. but very painful nonetheless.

Excuse the 2 week old pedicure - look at the "other" bad toe. Pic doesn't do justice.

Then: Easter morning! 9 hour drive home and didn't get home til late, tried to unpack as much as I could, dinners for everyone, and then attempt to prepare Easter baskets... needless to say we had a hectic morning. The Easter bunny tried. We were in such a rush, I didn't get a family picture. :( Trying to slow down here and remind myself why we celebrate today. He is risen! He is alive! and He saved us! Amen!

Next: Ballet Recital! Oh I can't wait to see my ballerina on stage! Think I'm more nervous than she will be. We are also trying to see how many times we can take professional pictures in 1 month. MC and Mattox have been photographed by Jeanelle Caraway, Vanessa Diel, Portrait Innovations, Kim Stone, and Johanssen/Just Dance in the past few weeks. Seriously. I'm wiped out. Wallet and all.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Don't Grab the Popcorn

Can't say that watching twisters is entertaining anymore - when one is that close to you. I know this was plastered all over FB, but here it is again for those of you who didn't see it. God is good - and we survived with no damages (if you don't count the stress of driving home in that weather - Mattox may never recover - poor thing thought he was in a permanent car wash) ;) On a lighter note, I threw an Easter Egg Hunt today. I will post pics of that later... but they are on my other camera and honestly... I have had ZERO sleep in the last week. So I'm going to bed!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Kiss and Tell

  • Just saw that I haven't blogged since March...and that it's April 10th already! Happy Birthday to my big sister!!! Time is really flying past me. Been trying to work at least 1 day a week the past few weeks... and once AGAIN, I'm reminded why I stay home. Also reminded that I love my other job too. Will this battle ever end? And Matt has been working even more to make up for all the days we are on vacation(s). Example: if we go out of town for a few days, then he ends up working every single day the rest of the entire month. He doesn't get off days, sick days, vacation days, holidays, you get the idea. So he has been working close to 3 weeks straight = 1 tired mommy who is also trying to squeeze in a few work days. I work 12 hour shifts + 2 hours driving to and from other side of town + 15 min early to open store up + 30 min getting off late b/c people can't pick up their rx's on time = an almost 15 hour work day........

  • My children are melting my heart lately. Last night, MC was saying her prayers (which are usually pretty long and detailed) and she said "Dear God, thank you for your hands and thank you for your heart. Amen." I intepreted that a million different ways in just a few seconds. Tonight, somehow (without telling her) she knew I had a hard day, and said "Mommy, you need a hug before bed?".......well yes I do.

  • And bless Mattox's heart. He likes to kiss his reflection in the glass. And when he's feeling good, he'll pass out "kiss kiss"-es to any lovely lady willing to accept slobber in the process. I have to kiss and tell. He's beginning the separation anxiety phase - and for the moment, I like it. Don't judge. They don't want you all the time when they're older - so I'll take it and be glad while I can. Mad man has the funniest personality and makes me laugh all the time. I was telling him 'no' earlier tonight, and he pointed one finger at me and said "mom-muh, nuh nuh!" Apparently talking back to a parent is hilarious when they are 1... not so funny when are they 3. I couldn't keep a straight face much less yelling at him.

  • Still trying to make exercise a top priority. Unfortunately my house and kitchen have reaped the consequences. Somehow jogged 2 miles straight Saturday. That could be my record. I would love to walk with friends and be able to have a running partner, but I don't think I could focus or make it as far. I like my iPod. I like my headphones. I like my Black Eyed Peas. Loud.