Tuesday, March 29, 2011


God definitely knows what He's doing. He knew that we needed at least 1 well-parent to take care of the kids. Me, MC, and Mattox have been over the stomach bug for several days... then... I came into our study to find Matt hooked up to a fluid drip/IV at 6am. The bag was hanging from the ceiling and Matt was sprawled out on the sofa. If ONLY I had my camera on me that early. It was a sight to see. He said they inserted the line at work, but then came home to set up the drip. He was still in denial about it being the stomach bug. Why are guys so stubborn? He tried to pick a fight and accuse my cooking before admitting that it was a virus. Yeah... you didn't see me hooked up to an IV ;)

Well, things are back to normal for the rest of us though. Mattox is hitting a growth spurt and eats constantly. From what I hear that never goes away. He's going to eat everything in the house. Or at least gum it. I am planning to take the pacifier away... SOON. He has this ugly saliva rash on his chin that won't go away - so...it has limited number of days left. I took MC's away cold turkey at 13 months. So maybe 2 weeks left. That's the plan at least.

And since Mattox has been getting all the attention lately, I need to post a pic of MC. Most of you saw this on FB, but here it is again. I'm in love with this little girl... I mean ballerina. Erica, if you just happen to be in town at the end of April, you are more than welcome to come with us to her first ballet recital!!! Her response was not what I expected her to say. She pranced around the house yelling "I'm a tree! I'm a tree!" So here's my precious ballerina:

And here's my goal/suit for this summer... I need to tape these pics to my fridge. The 2nd baby weight is MUCH harder to get off. I'm doing the same dieting and exercise (minus the Pilates class) that I did after MC... and something just isn't working this time 'round. So maybe Pilates is the trick. So if anyone has tips on how to lose the lost-elasticity of my belly - please share!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

San Antonio

Well, our mini-vaca/Christmas present didn't go as well as planned. Mati Claire and Mattox both had the stomach bug last week and then passed it to me!!! We left the kids with Mom and Dad so we could go to San Antonio. The day we left, I felt sick - but I ALWAYS feel sick because I HATE. To. Fly. I would throw-up on a normal flight. So I brushed it off and felt fine later. Had a blast at the BonJovi concert. Oh my goodness he is awesome. That was on my bucket list. 7:30 the next morning I woke up with a bang! I haven't had a stomach bug since I was a kid!!! Unreal. Luckily, we didn't have anything planned but a dinner reservation.The line to the Alamo was wrapped around the block, so we settled for just walking by it. Matt went to the pharmacy for me and loaded me up with Zofran, Dramamine, Gatorade, water, and crackers. I ate 5 crackers all day. And I literally stayed in the bed for over 24 hours. I'm okay with Zofran, so we decided to venture out and see the famous Riverwalk. Can you believe I did not shop? Didn't really eat out or sight-see? Unbelievable. I only had the strength to walk around for about 3 hours then I needed a nap. This bug zaps your energy! So we made it to the Spurs game! Row 5 BABY!!! Matt and I LOVE going to basketball games! So! There is no telling how many people I infected with this virus while I was there - and for that I apologize. But there was no way I was missing that. We made it home and the kids are alright. Ha! Sounds like the movie title.

Our ride to the AT&T center - we just happened to be standing at the right place at the right time for this!! B/c I certainly didn't plan that!! And our view of the fans!

I. Heart. BonJovi.

On the Riverwalk.

At the Spurs vs. Bobcats

Merry Christmas, Matt!!!! Sorry you had to babysit me.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Par-Tee Part 2

Here are a few more pics - some action shots. I have a ba-zillion more that I would love to post - but these are all I have time for today. I can't believe the party is over and he is 1!!!!!!!

"Uncle" James and "Aunt" Laura got him a sock monkey - and he loves it!

Uncle James taking the kids for a ride in the golf cart.

Kerigan, Heather, and Kennedy enjoying the cupcakes and the sun! The only drawback of the entire day was the sun melting all the chocolate.

Another birthday girl -- Miss Macy Kate!! Look at that sweet baby crawling to play!


Playing with the golfing net.

One more decoration pic I forgot yesterday. I loved these straws to go with the sweet "tee".
Had alot of people ask me, so here's where I got all/most of my stuff (and their links):
  • Water bottle labels/stickers/banner/buffet cards/thank you notes - Chickabug on Etsy
  • Invitations - Peepeye designs by Shea Parker
  • Cake pops - Cakepops by Cindy
  • Personalized golf balls - Golfballs.com
  • Green/White favor bags - Layer Cake Shop
  • Green/White straws - Fort & Field on Etsy
  • Balloon wreath - idea from HowDoesShe?
  • Banners/signs/posters - Shindigz
  • Crepe paper streamers - idea from HowDoesShe?
  • Brown cupcake wrappers - Sweet Baking Supply
  • Everything else came from Hobby Lobby, Party City, Walmart, or I made myself.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Par-Tee Time!

We celebrated Mattox's 1st birthday Saturday with a golf themed par-tee! Mattox was such a trooper! He had the best time! Don't think he fussed even once. He enjoyed his cake and I will just let the pictures do the talking! A good time was had by all I hope. Thank you to everyone who helped make his day even more special! Especially, my sister and nieces for making the trip down here - it wouldn't have been the same without them.

I will post more pics later. My computer is being really slow and my sister needs to borrow the computer!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Bud

Mattox turned 1 today!!!! **sniff sniff** He is growing up SO fast! We moved him upstairs today! Crazy? maybe. He is a good -but light - sleeper. I am worried they will wake each other up being right next door to each other and sharing a bathroom space ... but I can actually do dishes, clean up the kitchen, put the garage door up/down, and even watch tv without waking him up now. Long story and I was starting to second guess that decision - but after the first day it is great! I love him being up there! He is such a big boy now: turned around in his car seat, has 7 teeth, and needs a haircut (mommy is resisting that urge). He can say "momma, da-da = daddy, ba = bath, and buhbye!" I call him my little lap dog, because he still likes for you to hold him constantly. He loves books, cars, balls, and food. He brings a tear to my eye every night when I read to him. He sits perfectly still and lets me read an entire book to him without touching it or moving. Then he looks up at me smiles when I say "The End." He dearly loves it. Let me back up for just a sec... MC NEVER let me read to her. I was always fascinated by the babies that included this in their bedtime ritual. People told me to keep trying that she would eventually sit still and listen. Yeah, that still hasn't happened and she's almost 4. She tries really hard now and has gotten better. She constantly talks through it, won't sit still, and won't stop moving the book which frustrates me. So I am. In. Heaven. when Mattox lets me read to him. Love love love my little boy!

While moving his closet contents, I came across this hat we bought for him in Boston when I was pregnant with him. Ahh...sweetness.

Also, happy anniversary to Mom and Dad today! They have been married 38 years!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Maybe my fave ever!

Just throwing an opinion out because I. Am. In. Love. With. This. Dress. Gywneth didn't rock her performance, but I thought she rocked this dress at the Oscars. I wish I could buy it if I actually had somewhere to wear it. Anyway, this was my fave of the whole night!!! (This and Celine Dion's metallic too).