Sunday, June 22, 2008

Pool Fun

Been hanging out at the pool alot lately. MC is so darn cute in her swimsuits that I have to take pics. We went to a pool party Saturday and she just stood in the kiddie-pool. I think she likes playing in the grass more. But she LOVES to be outside. She also has learned one of the biggest words in the dictionary: "NO". How fast they learn!
My family will be here for the next 3 weeks! I'm so glad MC will have someone to play with for awhile! If anyone is interested in buying a house in Vicksburg, there's one for sale in Yokena!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

June bug to Stomach bug

Mati Claire has had a stomach bug the past few days. She's much better today. No fever. Just vomiting and a little diarrhea. She took about 10 steps backwards and refused to eat food that we had worked so hard on. She's finally back to her usual self today (so it seems).

We enjoyed Father's Day Sunday. We had lunch with the Miley's at Sal&Phil's. So now we're just getting ready for the big birthday party! If everyone could please RSVP so I'll know how many hamburgers to make! Everyone is invited...even if you didn't get an invitation. If you didn't, let me know and I'll send you one! I'm just praying MC doesn't vomit all over her cake. That seems to be the only thing she does lately with her sensitive gag reflex. Sorry, no new pics lately.

Monday, June 9, 2008

11 months

My little June bug is keeping me SO busy these days! We've been going to the Healthplex every morning that I'm off. I'm in such a better mood when I've been working out...and I'm still trying to get back into my old clothes. The day-care workers now know us by name and I think they dread it when they see us coming down the hall. MC usually fusses the whole time. I've been reminded of Weeza (sp?) from Steel Magnolias lately when it comes to Mati Claire: "I'm not as sweet as I used to be." She is definitely creating her "attitude" and "temper" lately.

We've been trying to take advantage of the pool too. Here's a pic of MC in her "Jackie-O" sunglasses. Too cute! If you know us well, you know MC has a very sensitive gag reflex...too sensitive. We discovered Cheerios and we've moved up to a few Step 3 foods (MAJOR progress for us).

We interviewed our new nanny this week. She seemed really nice and very soft-spoken. She won't start until August, but I think she'll be a pleasant presence around the house. And she's open to our crazy work schedules! HIRED!

Congratulations Sara! Glad Landry is home now...can't wait to meet him!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Happy Birthday MATT

Happy Birthday Matt! It was his "golden" birthday Saturday--he turned 31 on the 31st! His mom babysat Friday while we went to the movies and out to dinner. Thanks, Nana! The Winborne's came over for dinner so MC got to play with Jordan Ann and Jack in the pool. They are precious! Here's a pic of MC in her swimsuit and helping me wrap Matt's gift. Then today we got to hang out with the Martin's, although MC is getting ANOTHER tooth (this will make 5) so she was in a TERRIBLE mood all day.

I have had TMJ for the last week. I've never had it before and I must say it is very painful but I think its getting better. So I went to the dentist and I also had cavities--which made it worse when he drilled on them!

MC is picking up speed walking now. She hasn't crawled in over 2 days. She can say "dog" "sock" and "mik" for milk. Then today I heard her say "Ma" for the first time. That's progress towards "mama." Then she actually sang the "la la la la" tune of Elmo's World! She's growing up so fast!