Sunday, June 1, 2008

Happy Birthday MATT

Happy Birthday Matt! It was his "golden" birthday Saturday--he turned 31 on the 31st! His mom babysat Friday while we went to the movies and out to dinner. Thanks, Nana! The Winborne's came over for dinner so MC got to play with Jordan Ann and Jack in the pool. They are precious! Here's a pic of MC in her swimsuit and helping me wrap Matt's gift. Then today we got to hang out with the Martin's, although MC is getting ANOTHER tooth (this will make 5) so she was in a TERRIBLE mood all day.

I have had TMJ for the last week. I've never had it before and I must say it is very painful but I think its getting better. So I went to the dentist and I also had cavities--which made it worse when he drilled on them!

MC is picking up speed walking now. She hasn't crawled in over 2 days. She can say "dog" "sock" and "mik" for milk. Then today I heard her say "Ma" for the first time. That's progress towards "mama." Then she actually sang the "la la la la" tune of Elmo's World! She's growing up so fast!

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erinhern said...

That's funny. I never knew about the Golden birthday. I guess b/c I was 10 on the 10th, ha! Anna Callaway just celebrated her 27th on the 27th of May. They are very close together!