Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Master

MC mastered walking this Memorial Day weekend. Before she's only taken a few steps, but now she walks everywhere! She's confident and can get over ledges and changes in flooring.

We took a trip to Tennessee to visit my parents, my sister, and my nieces. Kennedy had her 2nd birthday party and Kerigan had her 1st dance recital! I was so proud of Kerigan...she looked great in her "pirate" costume and was the best in her class. I'm not being biased either - all the girls got stage fright and just stood there, but Kerigan knew her dances! Kennedy decided she wants to take ballet too because she danced in the audience the whole time. I finally got to meet Kerigan's best friend, Larkin. She's a doll too! That's her standing to the right of Kerigan on stage.

Here's some pictures over the weekend. MC loves to swing. She took lessons from Kennedy on how to drink out of a sippie cup. It's amazing that I can show her hundreds of times and she refuses to do something...but then when she sees another child doing the same thing, she does it! And there's a pic of MC in mom's backyard and playing in the pool of balls!

Matt had the stomach bug that I had a few days earlier. So he missed out on the recital and birthday party. But he managed to play golf with my dad and then we went to a real drive-in movie theatre! Nice weekend! MC is looking forward to her first dip in the pool this weekend!

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