Sunday, May 18, 2008

Teething Pains

I can't decide who teething pains are more painful or her? She has been just unbelievably fussy this past week. She didn't even act this bad with her first teeth. I had a small breakdown the other night when I tried putting Orajel on her gums. She gagged and threw-up! Over Orajel! There are more frustrating details, but some of you may not understand my troubles...some of you do.

She took off walking this week. Walking across the living room and the kitchen now. I put the walker away after our horrific fall the other day. She almost got to see her Daddy at work. She took a nasty fall down the brick steps on the back porch in her walker! It looked like she had broken her neck or a limb...she came up with just a small scratch on her forehead! Unbelievable! We joke that she has her Daddy's hard head! I got my first lesson in not taking your eyes off for 1 second.

Happy Birthday Kennedy! She turned 2 Friday. We're going to visit this week so it will be a fun trip! Kerigan has her first dance recital and "Uncle Matt" promised that we'd be there!

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