Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Lil This and That and Then Some

Might be a random post today… seeing as its been almost a month since my last post.  
What have I been doing?  

1)  r.e.a.d.i.n.g.  
I think Mati Claire gets it from Matt's side… but its definitely not far on my side either.   I usually don't read - and I figured out why.  I will neglect my kids and my house to READ.  I won't do chores.  I let my kids eat whatever they want if it means they will be quiet and leave me alone for 5 minutes.  We made the mistake of buying a KindleFire for Mati Claire for more AR books.  Yeah…. she hasn't touched it because I won't give it back to her.  I'm obsessed.  I read in the car rider line.  I read in the bathroom.  I read while I cook (if I do decide to throw a pizza in the oven).  I read while they are at swim lessons.  Ballet.  I read before I go to sleep…which is around 2 or 3 in the morning lately.  
But - it keeps me off Facebook.  I have a love/hate relationship with FB.  So thats one good thing about my obsession with reading.  But once I start a book, I can not stop until I'm finished.  

2)  Advocare 24 day Challenge again.  I did this in October but really had no guidance and was "lost" after the challenge ended.  This time, I have some great friends who are "pros" at this - and they are overloading me with new healthy recipes and tips to stay strong.  I've lost about 8 pounds since the middle of January… and haven't cheated yet!  Trust me, I am DYING for a french fry or a hamburger… but I'm also DYING to feel better and look better.  I had zero energy to keep up with 3 active kids… and at least now I feel like I'm happier about myself therefore I'm happier towards them.  

3)  Working on stuff in between.  From helping with homework to moving Merritt's car seat around.  Planning our 10 year anniversary trip (which is very difficult).  School PTO stuff.  Homeroom mom stuff.  Superbowl party.  Cleaning house.  Never quite finding the bottom of the laundry pile. 
Wondering how and why my little boy is growing up so fast!  He will be 4 very soon… and I am SO heartbroken.  I seriously wish he could stay 2 or 3 forever.  Yep - even with the terrible 3's I'll take him.         He is funny, serious, lovable, playful, and such a sweetheart!  He's not really feeling the "older brother" thing yet… but he definitely knows his place as a "little brother".

Boring post…but oh well.  I'm actually grateful for the lack of drama/events around here lately.  

his "Hulk" impersonation while waiting for swim lessons
3 years old for just a few more weeks
Not 20 pounds…but went ahead and turned her car seat around.  Driving is a little more tolerable now
My 3 Valentines. Be still my heart.
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