Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Thousand Words

If I could have taken a picture for every second she wore this outfit I would have. She was so cute today and in such a good mood. We're trying to get ready for our trip to St. Louis. MC is a girl of many words lately...she just talks and talks! She managed to have somewhat of a conversation with me the other day. I asked her if she had a dirty diaper and she answered with a shake of the head. So I asked her again, and she answered with a firm 'NO'. Things did not go as well as hoped with the new sitter. She's great with MC but things got "technical" which is very disappointing.

I hope everyone has a very safe weekend!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I've been Tagged!

Sara tagged me and here are 6 Things you Don't Know About Me or Random Facts:

1. (Sara inspired this one) I have NEVER dyed my hair. What you see today is what I was born with.

2. I LOVE the hot and humid weather of Mississippi. My entire family has moved north to TN to get away from the "south" but I absolutely love the heat. There are days that are worse than others but I wouldn't live anywhere else. Love to travel, but I also love coming home.

3. I let Mati Claire sleep in just about anything that said not to. I put her Boppy covered in a blanket in her crib to help her sleep (which worked by the way). I have the "plushest" and thickest crib bumper that was ever made I think. She buries her face in it and for some reason I have never been worried that anything would happen. My mom on the other hand checks on her several times throughout the night when she visits. The Boppy made its way out of her crib around 3 months but she loves her bumper like she loved her pacifier.

4. I wouldn't wish residency on my worst enemy. Everyone probably thinks being married to a doctor must be great. He works all the time (not as much as residency) and we have an unlisted number to keep the "crazies" away from us. During residency, when he was home...he still wasn't home. There were charts to do, projects to work on, presentations, research, scheduling, phone calls, and trying to squeeze a few hours of sleep in AFTER getting home. So we never saw each other and now we are adjusting little by little.

5. Before I got pregnant with MC, I originally wanted a boy. Who doesn't want that first son? After MC arrived, I am praying for another girl one day. I LOVE the dresses and bows and pink!
I wouldn't trade having a girl for anything. God knows what He's doing.

6. I wish I could lose those last pounds of baby weight...a year and half later. I wish to go to Europe and spend a month or so....probably not in this lifetime. I wish I didn't get so nervous in public. Pharmacy school worked on that but I still get insanely nervous. I wish I didn't hate airplanes. I can't float to Europe.

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I'm tagging Carly and Karen. I don't know a total of 6 people that use blogspot. Is that a requirement???

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Terrible 2's

MC has officially stepped into the "terrible twos." She throws temper tantrums and just screams at everything! We've really had to get onto her about the screaming. She'll bite you, throw stuff at you, and even hit you! She got a good pop on the hand yesterday for slapping and scratching my face. Then she just laughs!!!!!!!!!!!! Aaaaaggggghhhhh! We've really enjoyed having my family here this past week. K&K keep MC occupied! MC learned to sign "more." She's also starting to say "mom" "no-no" "gigi" and "nite-nite."

We visited my grandparents in Louisiana earlier this week. It was my grandmother's birthday so I posted a few pics of the girls playing with the tissue paper. It was hilarious because they all wanted it wrapped around their heads! Oh the little things that make us happy!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Vegas baby!

Vegas, here we come! I'm so excited! We booked our trip for later this year. Why do I feel so guilty about leaving MC??? I know its good for all of us, but I still feel guilty. She is, however, going with us to St. Louis. We're visiting some med school friends that have twins about 3 weeks older than MC. I'm looking forward to the kids meeting each other for the first time and catching up.

I am forcing MC to try something new every day (specifically food). We are starting Mother's Day Out next month and I don't know what I'll send for her lunch. I'm sure the worker won't be able to take time out to spoon feed one child. She ate a banana for Rachel Mac yesterday, but she will NOT eat it for me. She also eats better for Matt than she does for me. She loves goldfish, cheerios, and crackers of any kind. But refuses to eat fruit. Weird. She still has a sensitive gag reflex then vomits. I hope Mother's Day Out is ready for that. Today she ate a piece of toast with jelly. She also drank her FIRST glass of juice. Can you believe that? The reason I am going on about this is because of all the trials and changes of a baby in their first year, this has to be our most difficult problem (besides breastfeeding). Teething is troublesome but there is an end in sight. There's only so many teeth.

I am so glad my family will be in town this weekend. MC gets to play with Kerigan and Kennedy for a few days. Hopefully Kennedy will teach MC how to eat and MC can teach Kennedy how to talk!

Friday, August 8, 2008

13 going on 30

13 months old today! She's 13 months going on 13 years actually! Matt and I have both commented on how she's acting older all of a sudden. I know she has to grow up sometime, but overnight??? She FINALLY has tried fruit. watermelon to be exact. This is her first real fruit that's not baby food. She was doing well then she gagged and threw it all up. But that's okay...she tried it. She's down to 1 nap a day and still pacifier free! The weather was so nice today that we took a stroll in the new wagon. That little umbrella is handy.

Is anyone else excited about the Olympics? I guess I'm getting old...there's finally something on TV. I watched it tonight while I put peas up...I finally "blanched" something. Yes, I must be getting old if I spend my Friday night blanching peas.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Vacation Bummer

Again...this is why we wear hats! :) She cracks me up. Needless to say we got our hair washed right after this so we could run errands. Matt keeps telling me that it's okay to go somewhere while her hair is sticking up. Then I would be "that mother." I think the picture says enough!

We went to Eagle Lake Saturday to a friend's lakehouse. We had a good time but it was SO HOT! MC didn't like the kiddie pool, but loved playing with all the other kiddies! We came home and hung out at the pool while Matt went to north MS to visit his grandfather. MC finally warmed up to the pool...maybe because Aunt Miranda and Rachel Mac were there. We didn't get to go to Geyser Falls Friday because of the rain. It hailed so bad Sat night that I thought our roof was going to come off or have broken windows.

Let's add roaches to the list of rodents and insects. We've caught 2 mice so far this week in the attic! hahaha! No one is ever going to come over now that I've mentioned all the pests! hahahaha! Trust me we are taking care of it...even down to the mosquitos! :)

The week of no pacifier was getting worse when I realized MC is getting another tooth! I'm a horrible mother for taking away her security when she's in pain. She has 6 teeth already and they have NEVER disturbed her sleep like these. She yelled out or woke up every 20 minutes and wasn't napping at all for 4 days. I felt like I had a newborn all over again. I kept telling myself it was just the pacifier or the lack thereof. I think we're in the clear now. Hallelujah!

Anyway, the week of vacation was filled with mostly rain, a high-tempered teething baby, and rodents! Matt and I are not used to being off on the same day, so our schedules clashed most of the week too. We each had our own idea of how we were going to spend our days off. Back to a normal week now!