Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I've been Tagged!

Sara tagged me and here are 6 Things you Don't Know About Me or Random Facts:

1. (Sara inspired this one) I have NEVER dyed my hair. What you see today is what I was born with.

2. I LOVE the hot and humid weather of Mississippi. My entire family has moved north to TN to get away from the "south" but I absolutely love the heat. There are days that are worse than others but I wouldn't live anywhere else. Love to travel, but I also love coming home.

3. I let Mati Claire sleep in just about anything that said not to. I put her Boppy covered in a blanket in her crib to help her sleep (which worked by the way). I have the "plushest" and thickest crib bumper that was ever made I think. She buries her face in it and for some reason I have never been worried that anything would happen. My mom on the other hand checks on her several times throughout the night when she visits. The Boppy made its way out of her crib around 3 months but she loves her bumper like she loved her pacifier.

4. I wouldn't wish residency on my worst enemy. Everyone probably thinks being married to a doctor must be great. He works all the time (not as much as residency) and we have an unlisted number to keep the "crazies" away from us. During residency, when he was home...he still wasn't home. There were charts to do, projects to work on, presentations, research, scheduling, phone calls, and trying to squeeze a few hours of sleep in AFTER getting home. So we never saw each other and now we are adjusting little by little.

5. Before I got pregnant with MC, I originally wanted a boy. Who doesn't want that first son? After MC arrived, I am praying for another girl one day. I LOVE the dresses and bows and pink!
I wouldn't trade having a girl for anything. God knows what He's doing.

6. I wish I could lose those last pounds of baby weight...a year and half later. I wish to go to Europe and spend a month or so....probably not in this lifetime. I wish I didn't get so nervous in public. Pharmacy school worked on that but I still get insanely nervous. I wish I didn't hate airplanes. I can't float to Europe.

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I'm tagging Carly and Karen. I don't know a total of 6 people that use blogspot. Is that a requirement???

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Sara said...

Thanks for sharing tid-bits about you!