Sunday, September 18, 2011

If I can remember September

We had an awesome trip to Nashville over Labor Day weekend! It was our annual visit with our friends, Nell and Shawn, and their twins, Colin and Joceyln. We stayed at the Opryland Hotel and that is a blog post in itself. Amazing. The twins are the same age as MC and maybe one year they will remember each other from the previous. lol. We always have a great time with the Hennons! The only downfall of the weekend was the fact that we had to drive home in tropical storm Lee. If you have to travel with kids and are looking for a weekend getaway - I highly recommend Nashville!
Mattox turned 18 months and got his 2nd haircut. *sniff sniff* and I remembered the camera card this time. I have to post this because I think he is so stinkin' cute sitting in the big chair. He did great again!

and to top off the month of September, Matt and I had a sizzlin' hot date last night. This was for the Young at Heart Gala (given by the Cardiovascular group at St.D. and Baptist). Let me just say that getting dolled up did NOT make me feel young at heart...just reminded me exactly how OLD I am. Matt cleans up well, doesn't he? :)

I can't remember everything we've done this has us very busy. But these are the highlights.  I will do better for October!