Friday, January 29, 2010

Changes they are coming

Closet; then still waiting on my new blue rocking chair

Missing my diaper stacker

The crib bumper is too tall for the mattress' highest setting...hmmm...

MC's new closet.

Look at that fabulous crib moved upstairs! Thank you honey!
We are finished moving stuff for the most part...for now at least. Still missing a few things. But overall its working for us. This week has been a little stressful. Once again, when one thing breaks the whole house falls apart. In the last few months, we have had to replace or repair the washing machine, freezer, sink disposal, doorbells, dishwasher, and now the ice maker. I never realized how much I value my dishwasher. They are ordering a part which took a week last time. I barely have time to load the dishwasher now I actually have to wash them by hand??? ha! ;) Boy are we spoiled. Matt comes home tonight! People keep asking me how I've handled MC on my own - seriously - it's not any different than when he is here working. Guess I single parent more than I thought. I'm not bashing Matt though - its just when someone works nights - no one else understands and it works for us. But I am glad he's coming home because I've talked to him on the phone for all of 5 minutes in the last week. We are celebrating my SIL and FIL's birthday this weekend. Happy Birthday Rachel and Papaw! I had a wonderful baby shower this past weekend. Thank you everyone! 6 weeks and counting down!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

New, blue, and improved

I was going to post pictures of our progress the past 2 weeks - but decided it just wouldn't do justice until all the finishing touches have been added. MC is upstairs and Mattox has the beginning of a nursery! It is truly shocking. Poor Matt had to move her crib while he suffers from an eye infection, fever blister, and the sinus crud. My Dad is the greatest! He helped me out since Matt is working constantly this month and then leaving for his ski trip in a few days. Overall we have moved rugs, closets, shoe racks, cribs, guard rails, bedding, wall decor, chairs, curtain rods, drapes, lamps, baby gear, and washed everything in sight. The new crib was shorted a few parts so we are waiting to finish putting it together - very disappointing after I bought a new mattress.

I had lost 1/2 pound at my doctor's appointment last week - so she took me off the no sugar diet and told me I could eat as much as I wanted as often as possible! Even gave me permission to eat an entire birthday cake! Yes, unfortunately I turned 31 this past Tuesday. Man do I feel old. Anyway, the dr is going to do another sonogram next week to remeasure baby Mattox because my belly is not measuring correctly. She didn't seemed too concerned but wanted to double check - which always leaves me wondering if I should be worried or not.

Can't wait for the baby shower tomorrow! Thank you Tyanne for hosting! At first I was a little disappointed in the "boy decor" as far as clothes and blue stuff...but I am really excited now and can't wait for him to get here! The trains, dogs, pirates, cowboys, trucks, and airplanes are starting to rub off on me. Question to those of you that have boy girl combos: Does your girl beat up on your boy? I saw a little girl in the store today literally beating her little brother up and it bothered me. I know older sisters fight with their little sisters too but I guess I got a sneak peak maybe or a mental image of the future with 2 children??? Disturbing. ;)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Panic at the Disco

Is it time to panic yet? Mattox has NO nursery yet. But I have to get Mati Claire OUT of her room and upstairs before I can move him IN. And he will be here in 8-9 weeks. So I'm on a mission this week and next. Not only do I have to decide on her "big girl" room but also the bathroom that they will eventually share. We have a 'jack-and-jill' bathroom upstairs and how do you coordinate girl/boy matching bathroom decor? Still searching.

So I've cleaned out MC's future closet: Yes, that's not even all of it. And that's just clothes.

Baby steps doesn't even begin to describe how slow her room is progressing. She has no furniture AT THE MOMENT since Mattox is inheriting her old furniture. Furniture is still up for debate. MC is still in HER crib - not his.

Then the real pressure set in. After cleaning out the 'baby closet' the other day, I came across this:

Is this not the scariest picture in the world? If that doesn't bring home panic I don't know what will. Except maybe a picture of my breastpump. I keep it in clear view at all times to remind me that he will be here SOON and for me to get off the couch and do something about it. I began nesting last week. That is one of the funniest things about pregnancy to me. I scrub my shower every cleaning it with bleach and 2 heavy duty scrub brushes. I cleaned out the mother of all baby closets. If anyone is having a garage sale in the future (like this summer maybe) please let me know and I will join you! To add more panic, I have 2 trips to Brookhaven planned and I can't cope with all this stress without some sugar in my diet!!!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

It's 2010?

This past month has flown by so fast! We're already planning my birthday weekend, Superbowl weekend, Valentines weekend, and of course the big delivery weekend. Matt's ski trip is coming up. Make the time stop! The nursery is nowhere near ready...actually non-existent, we are still planning to move MC upstairs very soon (maybe next week), and I'm just not that ready to get cut open again. I pray this time goes smoother... starting to get nervous and anxious.

Cutting the sugar out of my diet is HARD! I consider myself somewhat educated when it comes to diabetes, but seriously - what do diabetics eat??? that tastes good? I do have to admit that I feel so much better and I'm sleeping better since I have cut down. Still eating carbs though... and I feel like I'm dieting.

Oh, I would never advertise this in a million years except I've had several people ask me recently. I registered at Babies-R-Us and Restoration Hardware. The latter is where I got his bedding. Lovin' it! But by no means is this a request for a baby gift. Just FYI. I've got the best gift in the world and I couldn't ask for more.

I hope everyone is staying warm and had a wonderful New Years!