Friday, January 29, 2010

Changes they are coming

Closet; then still waiting on my new blue rocking chair

Missing my diaper stacker

The crib bumper is too tall for the mattress' highest setting...hmmm...

MC's new closet.

Look at that fabulous crib moved upstairs! Thank you honey!
We are finished moving stuff for the most part...for now at least. Still missing a few things. But overall its working for us. This week has been a little stressful. Once again, when one thing breaks the whole house falls apart. In the last few months, we have had to replace or repair the washing machine, freezer, sink disposal, doorbells, dishwasher, and now the ice maker. I never realized how much I value my dishwasher. They are ordering a part which took a week last time. I barely have time to load the dishwasher now I actually have to wash them by hand??? ha! ;) Boy are we spoiled. Matt comes home tonight! People keep asking me how I've handled MC on my own - seriously - it's not any different than when he is here working. Guess I single parent more than I thought. I'm not bashing Matt though - its just when someone works nights - no one else understands and it works for us. But I am glad he's coming home because I've talked to him on the phone for all of 5 minutes in the last week. We are celebrating my SIL and FIL's birthday this weekend. Happy Birthday Rachel and Papaw! I had a wonderful baby shower this past weekend. Thank you everyone! 6 weeks and counting down!

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Heather Klauber said...

Yep..closets are looking know organizing a closet is my specialty!! Wait till you decide if you're done having kids - and then we can start going thru all those boxes of clothes to get it ready to sell at a consignment shop - or to a friend! I'll so miss those cute clothes of ours!!