Thursday, November 25, 2010


Indian Pow-Wow at school:
Next year I will be better prepared...I didn't realize it was such a production! They were ADORABLE! My little indian, Princess Sunflower, did pretty good for her first program!

What am I thankful for?

1. Jesus Christ and His awesomeness!
2. A healthy family!
3. After Bible study the other day, I realized just how lucky I am. So I am thankful for the many blessings that don't make themselves known outright: I really haven't lost any loved ones, I've never suffered a miscarriage, generally speaking we don't have any financial troubles, we have a roof over our head, food on the table, me spoiled like that. But I don't take any of it for granted.
4. A great marriage!
5. These 2 precious babies:

On a more superficial level, I am thankful for online shopping, bikini waxes, 2 babies that sleep all night, aaaannnnndddd especially Thanksgiving dressing!!! Yum! I am also thankful to be a gym member come January! Until then, we are busy decorating and getting ready for Christmas!!!!! I can't believe its here already!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Matt had to work, so I was a little bitter this morning when he came home 3 hours late... nothing that sweet potatoes can't fix.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Mental Notes

Who remembers this???

redeem \ri-dem\ 1. to change for the better 2. to remove what distresses 3. to extricate from or to help overcome something detrimental.

Yes, redemption is nice. Don't get me wrong, Mattox has his bad hair days too....but SO FAR its not near as bad. I still have to wet it down and absolutely not touch it until it completely dries, but still way better. Of course, it may "turn" on me in the future according to the in-laws. But my mind went straight to this picture earlier today when I caught MC brushing Mattox's hair. She's already pretending he's her doll... at least he had on camo.

Also, Mattox's eating habits are WAY better. And I've come to realize that I wouldn't have appreciated the simple things in life like that (i.e. a good eater) until you don't have one! I have to tell MC to eat every bite she has ever eaten in her life. I find that strange. You would think a person would WANT to eat... nope, not her. But now Mattox will eat everything in sight.... in seconds! Redemption again. Now someone might think I'm trash talking MC - on the contrary. They can't all be good sleepers like MC. I've come to appreciate her sleeping habits even more!

Here's a few mental notes I've been making the last few days for my Christmas list:

  1. Twilight Eclipse DVD. It should be coming out any day now. Feel free to laugh it up... you know you like it too.
  2. LV purse. Hey. A girl can dream right?
  3. Patience. Can anyone transfer that and sleep over to me? Still dreaming I guess.
  4. New ta-ta's. Well, after breastfeeding 2 babies mine are just aged and like old tires: worn the slap out.
  5. Gray Ugg boots. any style will do. Size 9 to be specific.
  6. New perfume. not picky. ask matt what he would like to smell.
  7. New earphones for my iPod. They have cute ones at Walmart for cheap.
  8. Drying rack. I find myself draping clothes over odd things around the house to dry.
  9. Steamer. for clothes and such. I am still borrowing one from a friend and I love it!
  10. Gift cards for a new computer. BestBuy I guess. We need a new one bad!
  11. New tennis shoes. Probably New Balance. Again Size 9. Bought a pair of Nike's and I have had knee problems ever since. I wear my old worn out NB's and I feel fine!
  12. This list is pretty insane. I won't get any of it, but I'm dreaming aloud.
What's on your Christmas list???

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Mold me like Play-Dough!

I love how every day is new around here. Mattox turned 8 months old yesterday, and he learned to WAVE! Oh I love it. With him, I always see the wheels turning. He's always thinking...always learning... looks like me -- but I think he got more of his Daddy than what meets the eye. He scoots and rolls all over the living room now. I couldn't find him yesterday, then I finally saw a head sticking out from under the chair. He eats his food in the highchair too. He is such a 20 pound bag of sugar! but still loves to be held. Thats hard when you chase a 3 year old, cook, clean, or whatever. So I let him fuss alot. He also likes to dance! and above all he dearly loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. If I wasn't already planning a golf birthday party, it
would be a Mickey Day-Day.

MC also has been coming home with a few firsts. First time to get hit by a 'friend' on the playground, first time to make play-dough, and first time to have to share her toys with her little bother oops i mean brother. Now that he's mobile, the toys are up for grab!!! lol I feel like I am always having these 'grown-up' talks with her lately. Where did my little girl go? She missed the western day at school, so I let her wear the outfit to Miss Sarah's birthday party.

Making play-dough for the first time was an adventure! Can we say MESSSS-YYYY?? I let MC pick the colors. We experimented with 3 different recipes - if anyone needs one, just ask me! My biggest fear is that I am not a good enough mother. I'm afraid that I'll reach a point and say "I wish I had done more of this - or I wish I had done this better..." I pray that God molds me like play-dough into the best mother I can be and that He gives me strength to deal with all the trials of being a mom. Mom, I can't think of anything you could have done better! or Dad for that matter.

Friday, November 5, 2010


I'm going to talk about something that I don't do enough Bible study class! It. Is. Awesome. My church, MHBC, was offering a Bible study a few weeks ago and I was VERY hesitant to add my name to the list seeing as I consider myself a newbie to this church and I don't really know anyone outside of my Sunday School class. Matt grew up with everyone there so he knows alot of people, but I don't. So its hard for me to step into a new class (no offense, but especially when everyone in that class is much older than me). I was so glad to know that my friend Carly would be in there too, and I have made some wonderful new friends since then.

Anyway, we are studying the book of Revelation. That book has always intrigued me...and scared me. I remember reading it when I was younger when the preacher bored me. It was that exciting. Of course, I didn't understand what I was reading - I just knew it talked about dragons and angels and crazy creatures. That would keep anyone awake for a 1 hr sermon. ;) I had already done 2 Beth Moore studies, and when this one came up, I HAD to do it. Here are 2 links FYI that are good. The pic above is the study guide book.

Some of yall may already know about all this, but its just been so amazing that I have to share. This study is unlike her others: there's hardly any homework! Some though. And I have learned SO much that it would take me days to talk about it. So if you get the chance, please do it! It really shows you just how big our God is. I'm not even through with it yet, but it has explained pretty much the entire Bible (in a way). I get chills every Wednesday morning when I learn something new about how much God loves us. I am just on fire, and want to spend every minute reading something new now.

On a side note, I have like 3 Bibles....but I always end up stealing Matt's. I like his. So my sweet hubby went today and bought one JUST like his today and................wait.................its PINK!! Oh I'm so excited!!!! He's the best!