Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Signs of Summer:

Today was interesting. We had a very strange visitor in our yard and I took it as a sign of summer! I had heard that snapping turtles were down at the pond but we had not seen any yet. The 10 kids that live behind us said they are NOT nice turtles. Their dad gave them permission to shoot them! I worry about our dog, Koda, running into them and snakes. The weather was so gorgeous today that Matt decided to try out the pool. Koda did not like it at all!!!! Matt forced her to swim for the first time! Mati Claire loved being outside today so we went for a walk down the street. Her gums are swollen and red...she's getting some teeth on top! And she gave me a nice treat by sleeping until 9:30 this morning!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

2 Steps Forward

2 steps! Mati Claire walked for Daddy and for her nursery class teacher! I have yet to witness this event but she can take a few steps without falling down from what I hear! Both times she only took 2 steps and then she'll start crawling or hold onto something.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JACK! Jack (our neighbor) turned 1 Saturday. He is such a cutie pie - and check out his dimples! He and MC took a turn in the wagon for his "Farm Animal" birthday party. Unfortunately my camera battery went down so I couldn't get any of MC with the animal costumes (the kids poked their head through pictures of animals - so their head was the head of a pig, or the head of a cow). It was adorable!

Then we were supposed to grill outside Saturday evening, but the rain held it inside. It was nice to have the gang over and all the kids got to stay up late and play! Mati Claire was so excited and loved every minute of it.

Matt and I will be leaving for Chicago later this week and I am very worried about leaving MC. Not worried about her in the sense that she's in good hands, but just worried about her in the way that I haven't gone a day without seeing her, much less 4 days! This is our first trip alone and my mom is keeping her. So remember my mom as well! I'm not sure who is going to be more upset about this or Mati?

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Having Fun

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile. I've been cleaning house and working out in the yard...even though you probably couldn't tell if you saw either right now! The weeds have taken over our front yard and dust has claimed our living room. Plus I had to work all weekend so it put a damper on the things I enjoy spending time with Mati Claire! We had lots of visitors this week. The Hazelwood's stopped by last night to formally welcome me to the church. Let's just say I learned alot about Matt's youth! They are nice folks and entertaining to say the least.
And Alex from Montana stopped by while she is here studying for their boards in Chicago. We all miss you and want you to move back to MS! It was nice to see her. Mom is still in Tenn. so Rachel has been babysitting for us. We had the Miley's over for dinner since Miranda was home for the weekend. I can't believe she's about to be a JUNIOR in college!

Mati Claire thoroughly enjoyed the crawfish boil at the Horton's last weekend. So much that she refused to take a nap! Which seemed to start a trend this week. She has fought going to sleep all week! Every day she seems to grow up a little more. We noticed her dancing when music comes on. And there are times that I think I hear her say big words. I would have bet money that I heard her say "dirty" when I was changing her and "clap" when we were clapping hands. I know she didn't, but her baby talk is starting to sound like real words! I guess I'm just hearing what I want to hear. She is looking forward to Jack's Birthday party this Saturday and then cooking out that night by the pool! Sounds like a fun weekend...after a fun filled week of visitors!

Friday, April 11, 2008

April Storms

Luckily, we didn't have any damage from the storm last week. Our bathroom window started leaking a bit because the rain was blowing to the side. We drove through our old neighborhood, Avalon, and it really got damaged. I said it must have been pay-back for Hurricane Katrina since it was the only neighborhood that had power during that time. But our old house was actually okay.

Mom and Dad are off to Georgia!!! Heather and I sent them on a retirement trip to the Masters Golf Tournament and a week in Savannah! I hope the rain stays clear of Augusta and everything goes smoothly for them.

Happy Birthday, Heather and Papaw!

I joined Morrison Heights Baptist Church last Sunday. It was so funny, because the preacher discussed divorce and Matt had forgotten to wear his wedding ring. So the lady that helps me fill out the paperwork actually looked at his hand and said "Is this your husband...I mean, friend?" Then looked at my hand and saw my ring. I told Matt we picked the worst Sunday ever! I was sure the whole church thought we needed some marital counseling or a divorce! He will never forget his ring again!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Spring is here

Yes, Spring is here! Allergies and all. But I love it. The weather is wonderful! I even love the good April showers. I took a few pics of Mati Claire in front of our house. The flowers are so pretty. All she wanted to do was eat dirt though. Not much going on around here. I'm glad. MC hasn't been sleeping well this week--can't figure out why. More teeth maybe?