Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Having Fun

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile. I've been cleaning house and working out in the yard...even though you probably couldn't tell if you saw either right now! The weeds have taken over our front yard and dust has claimed our living room. Plus I had to work all weekend so it put a damper on the things I enjoy doing...like spending time with Mati Claire! We had lots of visitors this week. The Hazelwood's stopped by last night to formally welcome me to the church. Let's just say I learned alot about Matt's youth! They are nice folks and entertaining to say the least.
And Alex from Montana stopped by while she is here studying for their boards in Chicago. We all miss you and want you to move back to MS! It was nice to see her. Mom is still in Tenn. so Rachel has been babysitting for us. We had the Miley's over for dinner since Miranda was home for the weekend. I can't believe she's about to be a JUNIOR in college!

Mati Claire thoroughly enjoyed the crawfish boil at the Horton's last weekend. So much that she refused to take a nap! Which seemed to start a trend this week. She has fought going to sleep all week! Every day she seems to grow up a little more. We noticed her dancing when music comes on. And there are times that I think I hear her say big words. I would have bet money that I heard her say "dirty" when I was changing her and "clap" when we were clapping hands. I know she didn't, but her baby talk is starting to sound like real words! I guess I'm just hearing what I want to hear. She is looking forward to Jack's Birthday party this Saturday and then cooking out that night by the pool! Sounds like a fun weekend...after a fun filled week of visitors!

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