Friday, April 11, 2008

April Storms

Luckily, we didn't have any damage from the storm last week. Our bathroom window started leaking a bit because the rain was blowing to the side. We drove through our old neighborhood, Avalon, and it really got damaged. I said it must have been pay-back for Hurricane Katrina since it was the only neighborhood that had power during that time. But our old house was actually okay.

Mom and Dad are off to Georgia!!! Heather and I sent them on a retirement trip to the Masters Golf Tournament and a week in Savannah! I hope the rain stays clear of Augusta and everything goes smoothly for them.

Happy Birthday, Heather and Papaw!

I joined Morrison Heights Baptist Church last Sunday. It was so funny, because the preacher discussed divorce and Matt had forgotten to wear his wedding ring. So the lady that helps me fill out the paperwork actually looked at his hand and said "Is this your husband...I mean, friend?" Then looked at my hand and saw my ring. I told Matt we picked the worst Sunday ever! I was sure the whole church thought we needed some marital counseling or a divorce! He will never forget his ring again!

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