Monday, July 26, 2010

Mattox and Me

Gigi is keeping Mati Claire for me this week just for fun...which means its just me and Mattox (and Matt when he's home)! Mattox has been fussy lately - screaming and not sleeping well. I think he started teething! Lord help me! Not already! As soon as he started sleeping 8+ hours, oh lets throw some teeth in there!

I am having fun planning his first Halloween costume! Its taking alot of time to put together and alot of ebay watching. Still waiting for MC to tell me what she wants to be...but I'm pretty sure it will be related to Disney. Here's the 4 month pic of Mattox from Jeanelle. He weighs 17 pounds and is wearing 9 month pajamas already! Seriously, I may have to sell all of his clothes that I bought earlier because they aren't going to fit him. I bought age and season appropriate. That boy loooovves to eat. As fussy as he is...I want to hug and kiss him all day long! Can't get enough of him!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Pink M&M's

Allow me to do a little endzone celebration dance here:

1. Mati Claire is now officially potty trained! (In my definition of the word). About a week ago she started waking up dry from her nap...then waking up dry in the mornings. A solid week of waking up dry. I was in shock. If you haven't been reading my blog or don't know me that well, I have exhausted every form of bribe known to man. I started trying to potty train when she turned 2...and she decides to do this the week of her 3rd birthday! 1 year of pure (for lack of better word) #2!!! Don't get me wrong, she still has rare accidents. Out of the blue and I have no idea where she saw these - she asked for pink m&m's as her 'reward'. When you're sitting in front of her and wanting to praise her --she asks for the one thing that I don't have... pink ones. So one phone call to Gigi and wahlah - we have pink m&m's!!! and purple. Maybe pink is her signature color!

2. Mati Claire slept in her 'big girl' bed today! After my family left Friday, I was putting clean sheets on all the beds upstairs. Of course MC likes to "help" me = jump on the bed or climb in the sheets after I've made them up. So once again, out of the blue, she asks "can I nap in that bed?" For those of you who don't know us well...yes, she is 3 and still sleeping in her crib until today! She took a 2 hour nap without screaming or crying or getting out. She asked to sleep there again tonight - so we will see how it goes. I have high hopes.

3. Mattox is sleeping (more nights than not) around 8 hours! I consider that a full nights sleep, right? My and MC's definition is closer to 10-12 hours...but who's counting? hehee

4. Mati Claire is finally feeling better. She ran a fever for 2 days earlier this week and then followed it with a case of pink eye. Carly told me once that MC's eyes looked like M&M's...yep 2 little pink M&M's. Lets cross our fingers that I or Mattox don't get it. But I'm just glad she's feeling better - it was awful to see her eyes swollen the morning of her actual birthday.

5. Happy 3rd Birthday MC and happy 4 months Mattox! I love you more than words... and more than pink M&M's.

Monday, July 5, 2010

3 x the fun

Happy Birthday to our Princess!

3 Pretty princesses!

The only official 3 year olds!

Attempt at a family picture...of course its hard to get everyone to look at the camera

MC's birthday present from us!

His first time to get in the pool! My little shark!

Miss Rachel painted her nails and toes for the first time!!!

My little prince charming! Such a sweetie!

Mati Claire is turning THREE this week! Happy Birthday! She got so excited that my family was here visiting that she made herself sick... seriously. She's been running a fever since yesterday. No other symptoms though. She LOVES all of her cousins. We have been in the pool, playing outside, watching movies upstairs, or eating ice cream all week. Love these lazy days of summer!
My other baby is leaving 3 months behind and will be 4 months on Friday! oh my... time is flying by! He is not napping well, but I'm not complaining - he sleeps all night!!!! He went swimming for the first time yesterday and he was adorable kicking his feet in the water.
I was reminiscing about MC being 3 months old so I decided to look back at the blog when she was around that age. I found this pic and decided to compare it to Mattox now:

Too funny right? Kerigan, Kennedy, MC, and Mattox all wore that onesie!!!