Saturday, August 29, 2009

I'm Officially Old

Yep - we spent our Friday night watching Sesame Street Live/Elmo's Green Thumb. We took MC and she LUUUUVVVVVVed it! She clapped and danced through it all. Her favorites were of course Elmo and then Ernie. When we were leaving, she said "Want to go back!" So I guess we're on the next time Elmo comes to town. As weird as it sounds, I actually had fun too...watching MC get so excited... it's worth every penny.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Just thinking aloud

I THINK I see a light at the end of my tunnel. Maybe its my concoction of B6 and Ginger capsules that's holding off my nausea, but I am beginning to feel better. Of course, now I say that, watch tomorrow come back with a vengeance. I didn't start feeling better with MC until around week 15...I'm only 10 right now. I know I know - don't compare, right? On one hand its the EXACT same and on the other its the COMPLETE opposite.

Only 14 more days til Mother's Day Out starts! Yay! I needed a break from her this weekend so I could indulge myself in movie-theatre popcorn and a good chick-flick. We took a girls afternoon to see The Time-Traveler's Wife. Take tissues with you if you go see it. I wanted to see it after I read an article about it. And then Sunday's worship service just added to my enthusiasm. The sermon and the movie are about "living like you were dying" and "what would you do if knew death was coming soon." Lots to think about there. Interesting Sunday anyway.

Monday, August 17, 2009

It's 5:00 Somewhere

Seems it's always 5:00 pm here at my house. My death hour. I feel so bad at that same time everyday. You can pretty much count on there NOT being dinner cooked...and me being asleep EARLY! Matt has been wonderful these last few weeks - yep, I've finally got him cleaning the kitchen and doing the dishes and putting MC to bed for me. I thought it was a little ironic last night because I felt like I had a hangover...the room was spinning and then I was nauseated. It was 5:00 and I haven't even had a drink! Someone out there drink one for me!!!

We're trying to enjoy the last few weekends of summer at the lake. Here's MC playing with Sam and Sarah, and some on the boat. I didn't feel well enough to ride. I made the mistake of riding the zoo's carousel on Friday. I posted a picture of about half the group that went. Remind me to never go to the zoo in August...pregnant.

Please excuse my pessimistic attitude. I'm trying really hard to get out of it for MC's sake. I need a drink. Is it 5:00 yet? ;)
Sam, Cole, Payton, MC, Jack, Sarah, Jordan Ann, Cooper, Walker
(minus Caitlyn and Brady)

She's actually not screaming here - just a bad picture. She loves the boat!

Saying cheese

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Home Away From Home

Thought I'd show yall the new pier! We're excited about it! Thanks goes out to Bill and James for helping Matt finish it/baby-proof it. We can all enjoy it now WITH the kids. Looking forward to making many memories in the future there!
Mati Claire is getting some of her 2 year molars! It explains her lack of napping and eating lately! Then again, she's always had a lack of eating. She's been fussy the past few days so I'm trying to ignore it the best I can...and not let it drag me down any further. How much worse can I feel right now?
Starting to feel the stress of a new school year. We haven't even reached Halloween yet, and I've already ordered her Christmas dress. And then I got an email about ordering Christmas cards. Is it that time already???? I'm at a loss as to what MC should be for Halloween. Any ideas? I'm sure I'll be resembling the great big pumpkin by that time!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I've Fallen Asleep and Can't Wake Up

Well, I'm due March 18th...but the doctor says she'll take it a week early - so I'll have it around March 11th. I'm 8 weeks and everything looked good yesterday at my first appointment! I think its another girl... pregnancy is a little different but overall pretty much the same so far - and just my mother's intuition! We'll see! hahaha!

I'm really tired this week. I grab a nap any chance I get! So if I don't blog - don't worry - I'm just asleep. Plus I'm nesting EARLY! I don't clean because I have to --- I WANT to clean! Huh? Tyanne was so nice to keep Mati Claire for me this morning so I could sleep longer! Thank you, Tyanne!