Monday, August 24, 2009

Just thinking aloud

I THINK I see a light at the end of my tunnel. Maybe its my concoction of B6 and Ginger capsules that's holding off my nausea, but I am beginning to feel better. Of course, now I say that, watch tomorrow come back with a vengeance. I didn't start feeling better with MC until around week 15...I'm only 10 right now. I know I know - don't compare, right? On one hand its the EXACT same and on the other its the COMPLETE opposite.

Only 14 more days til Mother's Day Out starts! Yay! I needed a break from her this weekend so I could indulge myself in movie-theatre popcorn and a good chick-flick. We took a girls afternoon to see The Time-Traveler's Wife. Take tissues with you if you go see it. I wanted to see it after I read an article about it. And then Sunday's worship service just added to my enthusiasm. The sermon and the movie are about "living like you were dying" and "what would you do if knew death was coming soon." Lots to think about there. Interesting Sunday anyway.


Tyanne said...

It was fun, we will have to do it again!

Sara said...

I am glad you are feeling better. Hope that you continue to improve. Enjoyed the movie! Not happy that I decided to eat popcorn since I got sick later that night. Ugh!

Tina said...

Hope the nausea/fatigue keeps getting better. I hope I can go see that movie when my mom comes to visit. I need a good chick flick!