Monday, May 4, 2015

These Days

They keep telling me I'll laugh at days like these.  I'll look back and never want to forget these days.  Today, I beg to differ.  I don't want to remember the day that Mattox put sand in my bed.  Yes… lots of sand.  How I didn't notice it at first is beyond me, but at 3am while feeding Mason - is NOT the time to strip the sheets and wash them.

Mati Claire will be getting braces in her very near future.  We were discussing what color she would get.  After thinking all day, she comes up with GOLD.  Yes… "can I get gold braces, mom?"  My response:  "as in a grill?"  She's 7.  And white.   Not disrespecting those that wear grills… Did I mention that she's a 7 year old white girl?

I've been told that everyone has "that child."  It appears Merritt is "that child" for me.  We are working on manners and all things "normal" instead of a terrible 2 3 behavior.
Mitt:  "I want more [breakfast], mommy!"
Me:  "How are you supposed to ask?"  [meaning the word please]
Mitt:  "more, NOW!"

yeah, its like that with her.  The word spoiled doesn't even begin to cover it.  Attitude, personality, and spoiled rotten.  Yall just go ahead and start praying for me and her for the next 10…maybe 15 years.

And Mattox is the one who keeps me grounded.  He is my logical, down to earth, healthy as a horse, and funniest child (MC is awkward funny, Merritt is silly funny, but Mattox has a dry sense of humor).   And boy does he have a sweet mouth = always giving me compliments and telling me he loves me = way to my heart.  Anyway, we got a schedule of things to review for the summer for him to be prepared for Kindergarten next fall.  Its all easy stuff that he knows, but alas…we do it anyway.  Mati Claire was helping him review his numbers 0-10.  Helping him write them, say them, etc.  She was drilling questions that he instantaneously knew the answers.
MC:  "How many fingers do you have?"
Mattox:  "10."
MC: "How many dogs do we have?"
Mattox:  "1."
MC:  "How many eyes do you have?"
Mattox:  "2."
MC:  "How many sisters do you have?"
Mattox:  "Too many."

So that's how I've been spending my time lately.  4 kids under the age of 7 = not recommended at the moment.  God knows I love 'em though.

Seriously though, May is crazy month.  I don't feel the urge to homeschool, but I can see the benefits when it comes to days like this.  Baseball, ballet, swim lessons, end of the year programs, Teacher Appreciation WEEK (why isn't it just one day instead of a week? not that I don't appreciate them every single day of the year?), school parties, graduations, recitals, games, play dates, dr appointments, church, field trips… ALL while trying to breastfeed, clean, cook, laundry, potty train, driving to all the above, and reason with an irrational almost 3 year old.

I. Am. Tired.

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