Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Master

MC mastered walking this Memorial Day weekend. Before she's only taken a few steps, but now she walks everywhere! She's confident and can get over ledges and changes in flooring.

We took a trip to Tennessee to visit my parents, my sister, and my nieces. Kennedy had her 2nd birthday party and Kerigan had her 1st dance recital! I was so proud of Kerigan...she looked great in her "pirate" costume and was the best in her class. I'm not being biased either - all the girls got stage fright and just stood there, but Kerigan knew her dances! Kennedy decided she wants to take ballet too because she danced in the audience the whole time. I finally got to meet Kerigan's best friend, Larkin. She's a doll too! That's her standing to the right of Kerigan on stage.

Here's some pictures over the weekend. MC loves to swing. She took lessons from Kennedy on how to drink out of a sippie cup. It's amazing that I can show her hundreds of times and she refuses to do something...but then when she sees another child doing the same thing, she does it! And there's a pic of MC in mom's backyard and playing in the pool of balls!

Matt had the stomach bug that I had a few days earlier. So he missed out on the recital and birthday party. But he managed to play golf with my dad and then we went to a real drive-in movie theatre! Nice weekend! MC is looking forward to her first dip in the pool this weekend!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Teething Pains

I can't decide who teething pains are more painful or her? She has been just unbelievably fussy this past week. She didn't even act this bad with her first teeth. I had a small breakdown the other night when I tried putting Orajel on her gums. She gagged and threw-up! Over Orajel! There are more frustrating details, but some of you may not understand my troubles...some of you do.

She took off walking this week. Walking across the living room and the kitchen now. I put the walker away after our horrific fall the other day. She almost got to see her Daddy at work. She took a nasty fall down the brick steps on the back porch in her walker! It looked like she had broken her neck or a limb...she came up with just a small scratch on her forehead! Unbelievable! We joke that she has her Daddy's hard head! I got my first lesson in not taking your eyes off for 1 second.

Happy Birthday Kennedy! She turned 2 Friday. We're going to visit this week so it will be a fun trip! Kerigan has her first dance recital and "Uncle Matt" promised that we'd be there!

Monday, May 12, 2008

1st Mother's Day

We enjoyed a great first Mother's Day yesterday! It was also Baby Dedication day at church. She received her first baby's Bible from the Children's Department. We got through it with no screaming or talking for the most part. She gave me my favorite red roses for Mother's Day and a card the size of her! Here's a picture of the 3 of us that morning and then MC later that afternoon. I also put 2 more pics from Jack's birthday party. Thanks, Carly!

She spent Saturday in Vicksburg with my mom and my grandmother at a mother/daughter brunch. I had to work so I hated to miss having 4 generations together at once. She got 2 more teeth over the last few days (we have 4 total now) and I think she's getting her front ones now. She's been really cranky lately. She's also up to 4 steps at a time! She just amazes me everyday!

Matt's grandfather is still in the hospital in Laurel. They removed a mass and some lymph nodes and it all came back positive for colon cancer. They aren't sure how they are going to treat it at this time because of his age (86). He's very agitated and confused. Keep him in your prayers. My grandfather also had surgery a few weeks ago, and he is just being stubborn. He had a vein removed from his leg and he refuses to walk. We're praying for my grandmother who has to put up with him! :)

Thursday, May 8, 2008

May Day May Day!!

May has started out with a bang. Literally. Our trip to Chicago was good. Leaving MC was not as bad as I thought it might be. Coming back was actually the hardest part because I did not want to put her down. It rained most of the time, so we stayed inside more than we thought. But it was worth the entire trip to sleep in just ONE morning. We enjoyed getting to spend time alone and it just reminded us of what life used to be like before MC. My mom called us at 3:30 in the morning Saturday (the morning of Matt's test) to tell us that she thought our house had been struck by lightening during the storm. The whirlpool tub's motor started to run, the steam in the shower came on, and the gate (which normally opens out) reverted backwards hitting mom's car that was parked under the drive-thru. So we told her to call Graham (our builder) and he was already awake because lightening hit his house!!!! Unbelievable! We got everything fixed (and our laundry dryer).

I had to work 2 full and horrible days as soon as we got back, while all of this was going on. Matt's grandfather was put in the hospital and had surgery to remove a "mass" Tuesday. So Matt and his dad went down to visit him in Laurel. He's in recovery now.

Yesterday, Mati Claire got a tooth on top! And is working hard on another one so she has been in a foul mood the last few days. Mom and I topped off our week by going to the Canton Flea Market today!!! With a baby and a stroller. Never again. It rained and I will never take a child with me ever again. There is no place to change a dirty diaper on the Square. The wind was so bad that it kept blowing dirt in people's faces--so it was miserable. We did find some cute stuff though.

Now that I have vented and released some stress, I do have good news! Mati Claire's baby dedication is this Sunday at church. We're looking forward to it. Heather and my nieces got a new (10 lb'er) Yorkie named Owen! He's not really new, he's like 4 years old I think. But new to them. MC got to hang out with her cousin Kendall the day we got back from Chicago, so I'm posting a picture of the two of them. I wonder who MC looks like??? :) She can take several steps every day (today she took about 4 steps).