Saturday, June 11, 2016

My Cup Runneth Over!

I just realized I haven't posted since April 1.  wow.  I HATE the end of school years.  May is a m-a-r-a-t-h-o-n!  I don't remember school being that busy when I was a kid... but then again, I wasn't a parent then.  Is it me?  or have the schools added so much more "stuff"???  I was REALLY glad I only allow ONE after school extra-curricular activity for each kid.  Between ballet recitals, baseball games, I could not imagine adding anything else on top of school programs and parties.

Mati Claire is my bookworm.  She received 3rd place in the entire school for AR points with a total of 369 points!  She was first overall in her class.  She decided this was her last ballet recital.  :(


Merritt has finally decided to show some interest in learning to write her name (and letters in general).  She also FINALLY decided to participate in her end of the year program at preschool.  She also did GREAT on stage for the first time at her first ballet recital!  What???  Is that a light I see at the end of this tunnel we call "terrible 3's"  --> age 4 is ALMOST here and I couldn't be happier about that!

We left on the last day of school for our only vacation this year:  Universal Studios in Orlando and then a week at the beach in Sandestin, FL.  We took my 2 oldest nieces with us and had a great time!
It wasn't entirely busy, but I always feel I need a vacation from my vacation.  Just glad to be home and I may spend the entire summer just catching up on laundry now.

Biggest news from our vacation is that Mason decided to START WALKING!!!  Noooooo.. :(  Matt turned 39 and we celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary!!  Big week!

 What else have I been doing (since I'm always talking about my kids)?
EATING and EXERCISING.  Have to acknowledge Advocare and TeamFitMom here.   This plan is i.n.s.a.n.e.  But, drastic change called for drastic measures.  I was desperate to start losing weight and knowing that I will NEVER have any more kids -- I was ready!  I also have such bad psoriatic arthritis, that I can't walk more than 0.5 mi.  I am 38 and couldn't imagine taking a family vacation without hurting all over.  My elbows began to lock up in the shower while I washed my hair.  I wanted to lose weight, but can't exercise because my knees hurt so bad...and as a mom of 4-- who has time to swim?   I considered myself 30 lbs overweight.  I was pushing a size 14 that i have NEVER worn in my life (size 12 is my "fat size" and a size 8 I get told I look anorexic even though I feel great, so I'm happy to be in a size 10 usually).  So size 10's are my goal.  I don't usually make a weight goal bc I hover around 145.  138 is my all-time best.  Being 5'10" ain't easy.  So I quit comparing myself to others.  Women doing these plans would drop 10 lbs in a week or two.  I actually GAINED 5 lbs during my first month of this plan.  What??  Totally discouraged, but thanks to my coach, Kristen...I kept pushing on!  I started seeing a rheumatologist also for my psoriatic arthritis and started a new medication that we are still testing out.  We've increased the dose once but still waiting to see how it works out overall.

I can't give the TeamFitMom plan away obviously, but I eat EXTREMELY clean, carb rotate, and try to workout like a beast!  I've definitely had to re-prioritize things...putting myself before a few other things.  Do I feel guilty?  Sometimes.  But there is a saying "if momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy."  I wasn't happy and my self-confidence was fading.  Now I have energy to keep up with the 4 kiddos... I take them jogging with me.  They see me eating healthier and the effects on the body.  "Mommy, you don't look like you have a baby in your belly anymore!"  That's always a good confidence booster.  The biggest adjustment is eating 6 small meals a day.  There is a whole new level of preparing and planning it takes to do that.  I spend most of my day eating, working out, and taking my Advocare supplements!

Do I enjoy eating clean?  Heck no.  But do I feel better?  Heck yes!  I would love to run to the nearest fast-food place and inhale a giant cheeseburger.  But I remind myself that I had ZERO energy and found myself napping on the couch literally ALL day sometimes.

After 8 weeks on the plan, I've lost a total of 9" all over and a total of 13 lbs.  After my 8 weeks, I took a week off the menu for vacation and about 3 weeks off exercising because I have had a sick kid almost every day for the past 3 months!  I can't go to the gym when I have a sick kid so that has pushed me to do more at-home workouts.  Luckily, they came out with a new "at home" plan now! yay!

so here are a few pics of before and afters at just 6 weeks.  This was probably 6 weeks ago, and I think I look better than this now, but haven't updated my pics yet.  Anyway, I WILL be 40 and Fit!  Its hard, but so worth it!

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