Friday, December 30, 2011

Run Spot Run

Here's an update on my skin....ha - in case anyone is actually interested.  sounds stupid now that I type it out.  it must feel like reading a dermatology book, right?  The newer picture on the right was taken a few weeks ago... so it looks even better now.  I've read that pregnancy will "treat" it during that time, but that usually after delivery, it will come back with a vengeance.  So I'm mentally preparing myself to look like the left picture again in the near future.  I wasn't able to start any of my herbs that worked 10 years ago because I found out I was pregnant, so pregnancy really does help.  My OB joked that maybe I should stay pregnant - WHAT.EVER.  Looks like I get to enjoy a 'not-too-itchy' pregnancy... thank heavens!  The new skin is stark white so now my arms and back look like the Michael Jackson syndrome (looks like vitiligo but its not).  I can deal with discoloration though.  Long story short = its gone from almost unbearable to tolerable.  Yay!  

And I don't have an update on baby - except its still hanging in there.  I go back next week.  Prayers are appreciated.   God is good!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


I have purposely NOT been blogging.  Because the only news to share at the moment is skating on thin ice.  Yes, we are pregnant with baby #3!!!  Due in July.  Thought every thing was going well... was even working alot to get some extra Christmas money.  At 6 weeks, I started bleeding heavily at work.  I never even spotted with the other 2 so this completely shocked me.  Started cramping bad.  Called Matt, called the doctor, then called my boss to tell him I was walking out of the pharmacy.  I have ALWAYS wanted to walk out and close down a pharmacy in the middle of the day - but NOT for this reason.  We were going to wait to tell anyone until Christmas Day...but this little fighter likes attention already.  I cried all the way to the hospital because I KNEW I had miscarried.  Called mom and told her 'not only am i pregnant but now i'm miscarrying.'   Got to the hospital and surprise!!! There's a heartbeat! Praise the Lord.  They told me I had a threatened miscarriage... basically go home and wait to miscarry.  I bled all week and went back the next week.  There's STILL a heartbeat! But this time they see a large hematoma (sub-chorionic hematoma = SCH).  Basically, its an internal bleed/ blood clot of unknown cause.  So I have a high risk of miscarriage and they put me on bedrest.  They just keep watching it and it will either get reabsorbed, pass (hopefully without the baby), or stay for 9 months.  It doesn't usually affect the baby (unless it causes a miscarriage), but doesn't affect the physical development.   I went back today and the hematoma had shrunk 1 cm (originally measured over 5 cm and now its a little over 4 cm).  And the baby had grown.  I still bleed everyday.  You can't really tell what's what in this picture.  But the baby is at the top...and the little black hole is it's brain.  You also can't see the hematoma in this picture but maybe I'll post it later...its interesting.  They think the little round ball at the bottom is a PIECE of the hematoma.   Still on bedrest but I am thanking the good God above for Gigi.  My mom is here helping me.   I'm not allowed to pick up my kids and that's difficult when you have a 21 month old.

Some people are probably wondering why I am announcing it.  First of all, its a miracle.  And honestly, I can't hide this belly much longer.  But seriously, bedrest has changed things.  You can imagine all the questions and praying that goes through my head.  If I still miscarry, then we can discuss that then.  But I am optimistic and pray heavily that this baby makes it healthy and full term!  God has a plan.  I don't understand it but I am okay with whatever He gives me.

.... and I'm predicting a girl.  Could be wrong... but that's just my mother's intuition.  This one likes drama.  And I've been 100% right 50% of the time.  (I thought all of mine were girls).  lol ;)

Merry Christmas to everyone!! We are blessed... x3.