Saturday, July 10, 2010

Pink M&M's

Allow me to do a little endzone celebration dance here:

1. Mati Claire is now officially potty trained! (In my definition of the word). About a week ago she started waking up dry from her nap...then waking up dry in the mornings. A solid week of waking up dry. I was in shock. If you haven't been reading my blog or don't know me that well, I have exhausted every form of bribe known to man. I started trying to potty train when she turned 2...and she decides to do this the week of her 3rd birthday! 1 year of pure (for lack of better word) #2!!! Don't get me wrong, she still has rare accidents. Out of the blue and I have no idea where she saw these - she asked for pink m&m's as her 'reward'. When you're sitting in front of her and wanting to praise her --she asks for the one thing that I don't have... pink ones. So one phone call to Gigi and wahlah - we have pink m&m's!!! and purple. Maybe pink is her signature color!

2. Mati Claire slept in her 'big girl' bed today! After my family left Friday, I was putting clean sheets on all the beds upstairs. Of course MC likes to "help" me = jump on the bed or climb in the sheets after I've made them up. So once again, out of the blue, she asks "can I nap in that bed?" For those of you who don't know us well...yes, she is 3 and still sleeping in her crib until today! She took a 2 hour nap without screaming or crying or getting out. She asked to sleep there again tonight - so we will see how it goes. I have high hopes.

3. Mattox is sleeping (more nights than not) around 8 hours! I consider that a full nights sleep, right? My and MC's definition is closer to 10-12 hours...but who's counting? hehee

4. Mati Claire is finally feeling better. She ran a fever for 2 days earlier this week and then followed it with a case of pink eye. Carly told me once that MC's eyes looked like M&M's...yep 2 little pink M&M's. Lets cross our fingers that I or Mattox don't get it. But I'm just glad she's feeling better - it was awful to see her eyes swollen the morning of her actual birthday.

5. Happy 3rd Birthday MC and happy 4 months Mattox! I love you more than words... and more than pink M&M's.

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Sara said...

Good for her. Hope she had a great birthday!