Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Mold me like Play-Dough!

I love how every day is new around here. Mattox turned 8 months old yesterday, and he learned to WAVE! Oh I love it. With him, I always see the wheels turning. He's always thinking...always learning... looks like me -- but I think he got more of his Daddy than what meets the eye. He scoots and rolls all over the living room now. I couldn't find him yesterday, then I finally saw a head sticking out from under the chair. He eats his food in the highchair too. He is such a 20 pound bag of sugar! but still loves to be held. Thats hard when you chase a 3 year old, cook, clean, or whatever. So I let him fuss alot. He also likes to dance! and above all he dearly loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. If I wasn't already planning a golf birthday party, it
would be a Mickey Day-Day.

MC also has been coming home with a few firsts. First time to get hit by a 'friend' on the playground, first time to make play-dough, and first time to have to share her toys with her little bother oops i mean brother. Now that he's mobile, the toys are up for grab!!! lol I feel like I am always having these 'grown-up' talks with her lately. Where did my little girl go? She missed the western day at school, so I let her wear the outfit to Miss Sarah's birthday party.

Making play-dough for the first time was an adventure! Can we say MESSSS-YYYY?? I let MC pick the colors. We experimented with 3 different recipes - if anyone needs one, just ask me! My biggest fear is that I am not a good enough mother. I'm afraid that I'll reach a point and say "I wish I had done more of this - or I wish I had done this better..." I pray that God molds me like play-dough into the best mother I can be and that He gives me strength to deal with all the trials of being a mom. Mom, I can't think of anything you could have done better! or Dad for that matter.

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Cari said...

Sweet babies!!!! I struggle with that a lot. Do I spend enough time doing this or that. Do I hold him enough, do I kiss him enough, do I pray for him enough and so on. It's natural. You are a fantastic mother! And you have two adorable babies to prove it! I had the best time with MC Sunday playing grocery store. She was too cute!