Friday, November 5, 2010


I'm going to talk about something that I don't do enough Bible study class! It. Is. Awesome. My church, MHBC, was offering a Bible study a few weeks ago and I was VERY hesitant to add my name to the list seeing as I consider myself a newbie to this church and I don't really know anyone outside of my Sunday School class. Matt grew up with everyone there so he knows alot of people, but I don't. So its hard for me to step into a new class (no offense, but especially when everyone in that class is much older than me). I was so glad to know that my friend Carly would be in there too, and I have made some wonderful new friends since then.

Anyway, we are studying the book of Revelation. That book has always intrigued me...and scared me. I remember reading it when I was younger when the preacher bored me. It was that exciting. Of course, I didn't understand what I was reading - I just knew it talked about dragons and angels and crazy creatures. That would keep anyone awake for a 1 hr sermon. ;) I had already done 2 Beth Moore studies, and when this one came up, I HAD to do it. Here are 2 links FYI that are good. The pic above is the study guide book.

Some of yall may already know about all this, but its just been so amazing that I have to share. This study is unlike her others: there's hardly any homework! Some though. And I have learned SO much that it would take me days to talk about it. So if you get the chance, please do it! It really shows you just how big our God is. I'm not even through with it yet, but it has explained pretty much the entire Bible (in a way). I get chills every Wednesday morning when I learn something new about how much God loves us. I am just on fire, and want to spend every minute reading something new now.

On a side note, I have like 3 Bibles....but I always end up stealing Matt's. I like his. So my sweet hubby went today and bought one JUST like his today and................wait.................its PINK!! Oh I'm so excited!!!! He's the best!

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Ashley Cody said...

I am new to the blog world and stumbled across your blog at a perfect time! I attend a Catholic college but was never strong in my faith until attending. I was baptized less than a year ago and it was the best decision I have ever made! :) I have learned so much in my religion classes at school, in fact they might be the best classes I have taken. It's so fun to hear other people talk about their faith and what they have learned along the way!