Wednesday, October 27, 2010

It aint over til its over!

ok. who stole my child and where is she? seriously. mati claire has been a NIGHTMARE the last 2 weeks. lately, she has been a textbook case of children i only read about. i'm talking, throwing tantrums - while hitting the walls - flailing her arms and legs - screaming like an out of control psycho - backtalking - you name it. i mean really, where did my sweet little miss priss go? matt and i feel like all we have done is either spank her or put her in the corner. today, i withdrew all tv and sweets (not that she ate that much sweet stuff anyway) until she straightens up and acts right. we are at our wits end. we think it could be any number of things: 1) obviously her age --anyone out there with a 2 year old beware that the 3's are worse! 2) her antibiotic -- as a pharmacist, i know that antibiotics can cause behavioral changes in children. 3) her Gigi left and she is lashing out. geez, mom, get back here asap! or maybe its a combination of all 3. who knows. i just know she is acting like a crazy person.

I honestly believe God only gives you what you can handle...because on the flip side, Mattox got not one, but TWO teeth!!!!! Oh they are so cute (now that they're in). Its not so cute when they're actually coming in. But he has been darn near angelic the last few days. agh! i love it. he's only fussy when he's tired or hungry. and did i mention he can sit up too? he can't get there on his own, but you can leave him in that position and he can hold it for awhile. he's even started scooting backwards. i'm actually looking forward to him getting all of mc's toys. she needs a little lesson in sharing and not being the only child in the universe. yes, i'm showing a little favortism today. bad mother right? oh who am i kidding, they are both my favorite people in this world after matt. i am just exhausted.

despite mc's UTI and fever since wednesday, we enjoyed saturday morning at the pumpkin patch in brandon. then headed over to a birthday party. then i held a baby shower for our friend Tiffany this past Sunday. i just love baby showers. i love babies too, when they aren't punching my walls. then our first day back at school was the 50th day of school, so they celebrated by having a sock hop! mc was feeling a little better by then so you can see the smile returning to the pictures. needless to say, we had a busy weekend and i'm looking forward to doing absolutely NOTHING this week! So while my war wages on with a 3 year old...i am reminded of Rocky's quote: 'it ain't over til its over!' This too shall pass i know.
Pics from Pumpkin Patch

Pics from Kaytlin's Carnival/Fall Festival themed birthday party:

Pics from Tiffany's baby shower (Kaytlin's mommy)

Pics from 50's Day:

Mattox sitting up watching Mickey Mouse:

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Tina said...

Precious pics! I'm gonna send you an email about the terrible 3's.