Saturday, October 2, 2010

New Cheese

We've been working on MC's 'smile' for the camera which has improved over the last few days. Then we have a new little ham in Mattox. He worships the ground MC walks on, and she barely gives him the time of day. Figures...isn't that just like an older sibling?? ha ;)

I know yall are tired of seeing these peeps, but I have to say I never get tired of looking at 'em! (except at 5:00 everyday). We are getting over a virus or flu-like symptoms this week. I was still running fever this morning...I haven't felt that bad in years! I hate it because we are missing all the beautiful weather! Matt has been an enormous help! He takes MC to school every morning, grocery shops, and even cleaned the kitchen! All so I could sleep.

And I would love to tell you all the crazy things MC has been saying lately, but that would take too much time. Let me just say that kids say the darndest things. She amazes me everyday with her innocent/honest/sarcastic/practical answers. I just have to laugh when she answers me correctly (but not quite the answer I was looking for). She has learned her ABC's finally! But she loves to repeat them over and over - seriously, all day long.

It actually looks a bit frightening on camera...but its really hilarious in person.

I am busy already planning his 1st birthday party!!!!!! oh I am so excited! It's PAR-TEE time! Yes, you heard it: GOLF theme! This will be an incredible party and I can't wait! See he's already into it:

Watching golf on TV

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Heather, your OLDER sister said...

First of All..I just have to say that it's a "crock of ****" about the older one not giving the younger one the time of day. It's about the exact opposite. We older one's are OBSESSED with controlling every move and decision the younger one's make.
#2)He looks exactly like you...So, I'd watch the "****eatin' grin" remarks. ha ha..
#3) The look on his face in the pic with MC..."awww S***".
#4) It's quite possible...that I'm just "full of ****" comments tonight too!!