Sunday, October 17, 2010


October may be the busiest month of the year. I managed to squeeze in a few work days (which is done now until next flu season), then the rest of the time has been spent with field trips, birthday parties, halloween hoopla, doctors appointments, canton flea market, church, bible studies, and a baby shower! Bring on the holidays! Whew! But oh so much fun...and making wonderful memories with great friends and family. Here's a few of the latest pics (I know mom will want to see some of these) so sorry to keep posting pics of the same kiddos over and over again.

Payton's 4th Birthday Party at Pump-It-Up :

MC rockin' her party gear! Sitting with her sweet cousin Kendall

She doesn't understand that most of the fun happens INSIDE the jumps, not just at the door.

Oh my goodness! Mattox and one of his first "girlfriends", Miss Hadley! They are about a month apart.

Winborne's Annual Halloween Party :

There are so many kids, I can't even begin to name them and some probably aren't even in it.

For some reason, MC has a total meltdown during this part of the party every year.

Princess Belle (mom made the dress! Thank you, Mom!)

Such a sweetie. He behaved SO well! guess he had to pick up the slack where sister was failing at good behavior.

My little golfer. I'm so glad Matt got to join us before headed to work. Mom made Mattox's knickers. thanks again! I've got about a thousand more pics...but you get the idea.
Hope everyone has another great and wonderful and busy week!


Tina said...

Precious! Love their outfits!

Carly Winborne said...

so glad you were all able to come yesterday! both of your children were adorable! so funny to see mati claire so grown up - her first halloween (and jack's, too) they were in bumbos for the group picture! time just flies...

Pamela said...

I LOVE her "AC/DC" shirt!!!!!!!!!!!!! BAAAAHHHHAAAA!!!! Hilarious!