Friday, October 15, 2010

Things I've Learned

The past 2 weeks have been trying. I am exhausted. Isn't it always that way though?
Its been busy with as many field trips packed in as we can and as many trips as I can make to Hobby Lobby in a month! Really. I'm tired. However, I've learned alot of new things:

1. Never - EVER - give Mattox sweet potatoes. Ever again. He will be awake all night long with a tummy ache. 3 times you're out. never again.

2. Never give your credit card to your mother...she will lose it and force you to cancel the card. ha! love you mom. no worries...its all ok.

3. Never stand too close to a goat that you're feeding. He will try to eat the food AND you. Don't worry, MC is a little traumatized by goats now.

4. How to make a diaper stack cake thingy. See pic. Its still a work in progress, but I think its a good start.

5. Pistols are wonderful. Cajun pistols at the Canton Flea Market: shrimp, crab, and crawfish drowned in a cajun cheese sauce stuffed into a bread pistolette and then FRIED. To die for. Everyone should try one before they die. Or three.

6. I've learned to have patience. Mattox had his eye appointment this past Wednesday for his blocked tear ducts. Matt and I have decided to wait it out until he turns 1. Long story short, we don't want to put him through surgery over an elective problem. His vision is great however. Dr. McVey has inspired me to take MC in for her first eye checkup too.

7. Never use Pyrex cookware ever again. I have had 2 casserole dishes break either in my oven or on my stove after taking them out of the oven. guess i'm just a terrible cook!

8. Never ever wash a diaper in the washing machine. It makes for an awful mess.

9. I RE-learned why I quit my job at a pharmacy. I can't learn to say no.

aaaand #10. Top thing that I've learned in the last 2 weeks: GPS systems don't work!


Erin Hern said...

I guess you got your pistol! Glad to hear all about them!

Tiffany Brooks said...

love the diaper cake. Can't wait till the shower! Thanks so much!