Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Baby Blues

How cute is this shirt Gigi bought him???

Here are a few pics from the baby shower my Sunday School class threw for me back in January. Pamela and I are due just a few days apart so Mattox and Macy will always be in the same class! Love Love Love all the gifts I got! Thank you again to everyone. I agree that boy clothes just aren't as much fun but I'm learning to love it. Today I was on a mission to buy his "Easter/Mother's Day/Baby Dedication" outfit (after a Mistletoe Marketplace mishap). Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised when I found myself excited...no, stoked about his outfits! ha!

I've been having ALOT of contractions in the past 2 weeks. They don't hurt at all - just uncomfortable. After the first few woke me up at 2 am (flashback to Mati Claire) I went in and got sent home. They ruled out UTI, but told me I was possibly dehydrated... whatever - I drink plenty of water (back to actually craving it). But they also weren't so sure it was Braxton-Hicks because those should get better with rest, and at the time I only noticed them when I was resting. Now I notice them all the time resting or not. I've had 8 today so far. I'm scheduled for a section on March 12th as of right now...unless he comes early! We're just hoping to make it to March. I think he has cabin fever like the rest of us. I never had any signs that Mati Claire was coming when she did. In the last 2 weeks I've experienced him "drop," contractions, cramping, and even bloody noses...weird. Then I've had a burst of energy this past weekend...even weirder. "She falls in a well, eyes go crossed, she gets kicked by a mule, they go back again...I don't know."

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