Friday, February 26, 2010

Last Bash

We are so lucky that Matt works for wonderful people! The ER threw me a baby shower this past Wednesday and they just amazed me! They had already sent me more than enough gifts earlier, and then gave me even more at a "non-gift" shower! Here are a few pics (I had already packed my camera so these were taken with my phone). I know they look at the blog in the ER, so here's another BIG thank you to everyone (especially Tammy) for the food, setup, and gifts!
Such a darling cake! I loved it! Half vanilla/half chocolate!
Matt grabbing a bite to eat before heading back to work.

Gumbo, BBQ sandwiches, salad, cake, MS caviar with chips, punch, etc...

Mati Claire is getting ready to become a big sister. She says "Look at me Momma, I a big sisser!" I am so glad Gigi and Poppy will be here Sunday for almost the entire month of March! They are leaving their house "under-construction" to come visit! Thank you thank you thank you!

Matt may not want me sharing this news, but I'm so proud of him... He delivered his first baby yesterday! And it wasn't ours! Then Aunt Rachel took care of the baby in the nursery! Too funny! The family named her Olivia and she is doing fine. My OBGYN said she would let Matt scrub in and help deliver Mattox... for some reason Matt doesn't want to ?!?! Did I mention that I'm scheduled for March 9th now. I still have ALOT of contractions so there is a chance he may come earlier, but we are hoping he will stay put til the 9th. The appointment went well yesterday.


Pamela said...

That's great!!I am glad you were able to get the date that you wanted!! I LOVE that cake too!! Can you find out who made it? The baby on top is absolutely adorable!!!!!!

Sara said...

Very cute party! I bet Matt just wants to enjoy Mattox's birth. I can imagine it would be nerve-wracking assisting with your own child's delivery. I know you are ready!