Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Big D

and I do mean Dallas! We spent Valentine's weekend in the Big D for our last get away. There are NO vacations planned for the rest of this year so we went all out. We spent Saturday night in a really nice hotel and we both planned to get sleep. Get your mind out of the gutter. I didn't sleep at all that night. I told you about this burst of energy I've got...not sure where it's coming from. At 2:30 am I took a Tylenol PM (per on call doctor's advice from previous hospital stay) and even that didn't work. I think it was a combination of being hot, pregnant, bed too soft, people next door being loud, and being a window away from downtown noisy Dallas. Hello sirens at all hours of the night. Woke up early to enjoy our awesome breakfast! Then we headed to Al Biernat's Restaurant for lunch! GREAT restaurant! Highly recommend it! Thank you Lori for the tip and Heather for making the reservation for us. We went to the movies to waste some time before we headed to the NBA All-Star Game at the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium in Arlington. Let's just say I'm not a fan of the new stadium. Glad we went and had a good time overall, but the stadium story would take all night. We did get to see Usher, Gretchen Wilson, Shakira, and Alicia Keyes perform. Glad we made it home safe and without a newborn! Dr. T did not want me traveling or going out of town this late in pregnancy...but I just failed to remind her about that last week. You know these contractions don't mean anything! lol! Seriously, we kept our fingers crossed all weekend and did some heavy praying.

We got home at 5 am Monday morning! I was expecting a little more welcome from MC, but all I got was "Noooooo! Chachel! Chachel!" Thank you Ray and Rachel for babysitting all weekend. You were sorely missed on Monday! We came home to 2 new and LAST teeth! Yay! We are done with teeth until they start falling out in a few years! It explained her sleep problems in the last month but I don't think it explains her behavior.... she's just terrible at being 2! hahahaha!
I'm loving me some Mati Claire right now because every day is a "happy balentime" day!

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