Thursday, August 14, 2008

Vegas baby!

Vegas, here we come! I'm so excited! We booked our trip for later this year. Why do I feel so guilty about leaving MC??? I know its good for all of us, but I still feel guilty. She is, however, going with us to St. Louis. We're visiting some med school friends that have twins about 3 weeks older than MC. I'm looking forward to the kids meeting each other for the first time and catching up.

I am forcing MC to try something new every day (specifically food). We are starting Mother's Day Out next month and I don't know what I'll send for her lunch. I'm sure the worker won't be able to take time out to spoon feed one child. She ate a banana for Rachel Mac yesterday, but she will NOT eat it for me. She also eats better for Matt than she does for me. She loves goldfish, cheerios, and crackers of any kind. But refuses to eat fruit. Weird. She still has a sensitive gag reflex then vomits. I hope Mother's Day Out is ready for that. Today she ate a piece of toast with jelly. She also drank her FIRST glass of juice. Can you believe that? The reason I am going on about this is because of all the trials and changes of a baby in their first year, this has to be our most difficult problem (besides breastfeeding). Teething is troublesome but there is an end in sight. There's only so many teeth.

I am so glad my family will be in town this weekend. MC gets to play with Kerigan and Kennedy for a few days. Hopefully Kennedy will teach MC how to eat and MC can teach Kennedy how to talk!


karen said...

Aaron had a very sensitive gag reflex. He still does not like certain textures. Sometimes I think he will blow away because he eats like a bird. But Kevin assures me he is getting plenty. Hopefully MC's will get better soon. Don't give up. Have fun in Vegas!

Carly Winborne said...

MC is so precious in that blue bubble suit. I could just jump through this monitor and squeeze her. What a doll!!