Saturday, August 23, 2008

Terrible 2's

MC has officially stepped into the "terrible twos." She throws temper tantrums and just screams at everything! We've really had to get onto her about the screaming. She'll bite you, throw stuff at you, and even hit you! She got a good pop on the hand yesterday for slapping and scratching my face. Then she just laughs!!!!!!!!!!!! Aaaaaggggghhhhh! We've really enjoyed having my family here this past week. K&K keep MC occupied! MC learned to sign "more." She's also starting to say "mom" "no-no" "gigi" and "nite-nite."

We visited my grandparents in Louisiana earlier this week. It was my grandmother's birthday so I posted a few pics of the girls playing with the tissue paper. It was hilarious because they all wanted it wrapped around their heads! Oh the little things that make us happy!


Carly Winborne said...

Love that tissue paper bow. And her enormous smile.

Signing "more"! That's great. I know it saves us so much frustration around our house.

Sara said...

So cute! I just tagged you on my blog if you want to check it out.