Wednesday, June 18, 2008

June bug to Stomach bug

Mati Claire has had a stomach bug the past few days. She's much better today. No fever. Just vomiting and a little diarrhea. She took about 10 steps backwards and refused to eat food that we had worked so hard on. She's finally back to her usual self today (so it seems).

We enjoyed Father's Day Sunday. We had lunch with the Miley's at Sal&Phil's. So now we're just getting ready for the big birthday party! If everyone could please RSVP so I'll know how many hamburgers to make! Everyone is invited...even if you didn't get an invitation. If you didn't, let me know and I'll send you one! I'm just praying MC doesn't vomit all over her cake. That seems to be the only thing she does lately with her sensitive gag reflex. Sorry, no new pics lately.

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karen said...

Aaron had a horrible gag reflex when he was MC's age. Hopefully it will get better for her soon. Got the invitation. We will not be able to come. Kevin's brother gets married that day in the mountains. I hope to come home the next weekend. Hope we can catch up with you and the rest of the Mileys then.---karen