Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Bud

Mattox turned 1 today!!!! **sniff sniff** He is growing up SO fast! We moved him upstairs today! Crazy? maybe. He is a good -but light - sleeper. I am worried they will wake each other up being right next door to each other and sharing a bathroom space ... but I can actually do dishes, clean up the kitchen, put the garage door up/down, and even watch tv without waking him up now. Long story and I was starting to second guess that decision - but after the first day it is great! I love him being up there! He is such a big boy now: turned around in his car seat, has 7 teeth, and needs a haircut (mommy is resisting that urge). He can say "momma, da-da = daddy, ba = bath, and buhbye!" I call him my little lap dog, because he still likes for you to hold him constantly. He loves books, cars, balls, and food. He brings a tear to my eye every night when I read to him. He sits perfectly still and lets me read an entire book to him without touching it or moving. Then he looks up at me smiles when I say "The End." He dearly loves it. Let me back up for just a sec... MC NEVER let me read to her. I was always fascinated by the babies that included this in their bedtime ritual. People told me to keep trying that she would eventually sit still and listen. Yeah, that still hasn't happened and she's almost 4. She tries really hard now and has gotten better. She constantly talks through it, won't sit still, and won't stop moving the book which frustrates me. So I am. In. Heaven. when Mattox lets me read to him. Love love love my little boy!

While moving his closet contents, I came across this hat we bought for him in Boston when I was pregnant with him. Ahh...sweetness.

Also, happy anniversary to Mom and Dad today! They have been married 38 years!


Pamela said...

SEVEN teeth!!?? I had no idea!!! Happy Birthday, Mattox!
Macy Kate

Carrie said...

Yes 7 and #8 is on it's way soon. Poor thing got 4 in a week. No wonder I call him the fussy baby. I should put a p.s. On this post. I call MC out about not being good at reading but she's better at some other things than he is. I feel bad talking about her on here like that. Shame on me.

Tyanne said...

Happy Birthday Chunky Monkey!!

Tiffany Brooks said...

Happy birthday a day late mattox!! Can't believe you are 1 sweet boy! Love all those smiles u give while we wait at dance every week.

Carly Winborne said...

i can't believe he's already one! time just flies by! don't worry about your MC comments on your blog, she's not reading it. ha, no pun intended! :)