Tuesday, March 29, 2011


God definitely knows what He's doing. He knew that we needed at least 1 well-parent to take care of the kids. Me, MC, and Mattox have been over the stomach bug for several days... then... I came into our study to find Matt hooked up to a fluid drip/IV at 6am. The bag was hanging from the ceiling and Matt was sprawled out on the sofa. If ONLY I had my camera on me that early. It was a sight to see. He said they inserted the line at work, but then came home to set up the drip. He was still in denial about it being the stomach bug. Why are guys so stubborn? He tried to pick a fight and accuse my cooking before admitting that it was a virus. Yeah... you didn't see me hooked up to an IV ;)

Well, things are back to normal for the rest of us though. Mattox is hitting a growth spurt and eats constantly. From what I hear that never goes away. He's going to eat everything in the house. Or at least gum it. I am planning to take the pacifier away... SOON. He has this ugly saliva rash on his chin that won't go away - so...it has limited number of days left. I took MC's away cold turkey at 13 months. So maybe 2 weeks left. That's the plan at least.

And since Mattox has been getting all the attention lately, I need to post a pic of MC. Most of you saw this on FB, but here it is again. I'm in love with this little girl... I mean ballerina. Erica, if you just happen to be in town at the end of April, you are more than welcome to come with us to her first ballet recital!!! Her response was not what I expected her to say. She pranced around the house yelling "I'm a tree! I'm a tree!" So here's my precious ballerina:

And here's my goal/suit for this summer... I need to tape these pics to my fridge. The 2nd baby weight is MUCH harder to get off. I'm doing the same dieting and exercise (minus the Pilates class) that I did after MC... and something just isn't working this time 'round. So maybe Pilates is the trick. So if anyone has tips on how to lose the lost-elasticity of my belly - please share!


Tina said...

Mati Claire looks adorable! So glad you are all better now. And, by the way, there is NO WAY the chick in that photo has had a kid. She's gotta be, what, 12? :)

Ashley said...

Where did you find that picture of me in my swimsuit?

Haha! I agree with the second baby thing. I used to could do it with exercise alone but these last stubburn pounds are refusing to come off.

Mc looks so precious in her costume. And that is hilarious about the iv drip!

Carrie said...

Bahahaha! Y'all make me laugh!!!

Erica said...

I WISH I could go to the recital! PLEASE take photos! Oh my gosh, MC is precious. I can't wait to hear about it.

I am glad you are feeling better! Those bugs are the worst. But maybe all the barfing got you closer to being swimsuit ready? I think I lost 5 pounds when I had the stomach bug in February....

Much love to everyone!

Sonia Wells said...

Glad yall are feeling better!! That's horrible stuff!! MC looks adorable!!