Monday, March 10, 2014

Not My Party

Mattox requested we go to Chuck E. Cheese yesterday for his birthday.  It was more of "lets meet at C.E.C for lunch after church… and I'll have some chocolate cake too!"  There were no balloons, no table covers, no "theme" other than the mouse himself, only 1 of his friends was invited, and no food other than pizza and cake.  Etsy or Pinterest was not involved and I didn't spend more than $10 on his cake.  So not a party by my definition - but its what the 4 year old wanted (and I didn't want to do a party at all).  His best friend is Matthew (I told you we have a thing for "Matt" around here ;))  and they play so well together!  My brother-in-law, Aaron, is a funny character - who needs Chuck E. Cheese when you have an Uncle A-Ron!  Matt was not happy since he's on a string of nights - and had to wake up in the middle of the day to attend… but not much I could do about that.  And Aunt "Ray" managed to come home from school to be there!  

Mati Claire is cool with not having a party this year either… but I'm beginning to feel guilt and pressure over Merritt's 2nd birthday.  What's more shocking than having a 7 and a 4 year old?  Merritt is about to turn TWO!!  How did that happen??
Here are a few funny pics.  

Mattox, Matthew, their cousin Kendall, and Mati Claire
He was actually DANCING!  That might have been a first!

"this chocolate cake is soooo good!"
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