Sunday, March 1, 2015

Superheroes to the Rescue!

Mattox has me wrapped around his finger… and he knows it.  He totally guilt tripped me into a party this year.  "But I didn't have one last year, and you said I probably wouldn't have one next year since Mason would be turning 1…pweeeease…and I want YOU to make my cake!"

The only reason I was ok with doing a Superhero theme was because I KNOW that Mason will want one too and I can reuse all the stuff I bought!  It wasn't as perfect as I would have liked, but I am learning to "let it go".  I never finished the food table's backdrop, but being pregnant I couldn't stand on top of the table to reach everything (Matt was asleep), the cake isn't at all what I had imagined but turned out ok for my first cake I guess… I am a perfectionist usually and the older I get the more I learn that "its ok!"  to let it go.  Mattox had fun, and thats all that matters!  

His birthday always seems to fall during Spring Break when all his friends go out of town.  Add that on top of pushing 40 weeks at that time, I decided to back it up a bit.  He still doesn't understand why a party is on a different day than his actual birthday (by a week).    Considering all the crazy weather we've had in MS during February, we couldn't have asked for better weather when the party started!

I have to give a HUGE THANK YOU to some people who helped me this week and during the party! I can't lean over very well/at all and I think it would have taken me a week to clean up afterwards if they hadn't helped.  Mitt never gets off my foot so I managed to get stuff done with you keeping Mitt entertained:    Nana, Ray, Chachel, and Miss Amy --- thank you so much!!!!!! Yall are awesome and Mason thanks you too!  Mitt prefers yall over me anyway!  Talking about Superheroes to the rescue!

My advice to any parent planning a 5 year old boy's party:  cardboard boxes.  lots of them.   and silly string.  lots of it.  

Just realized I never got a picture of the table withOUT Mitt standing in front of it.  She wanted that cake!  
I didn't make the Hulk fist, but I did make the rest of it.  My first cake, and you can tell I got tired of making layers (each layer was supposed to be double that height) b/c the Superman logo didn't fit.  But at 2am I was too tired to care anymore!  

"X-ray Vision" = carrots and ranch, "Thor's Hammer" = pretzel and cheese cubes, "Crunch" = chips, "Dynomite" = red licorice

That's ALOT of silly string.  The "Spiderman shooters" were a hit at the party.  They shot "the bad guy"
"Hulk Smash" brick wall.  Another big "hit"  

"Spiderman Maze"  Kids tried to build a maze with yarn and then walk/crawl through it.
Photo backdrop!

Party favor boxes included:  Hulk whoopee cushion, Spiderman coloring book/crayons, Batman cookie from Meme's Bakery, Batman throwing disc, and Spiderman bubbles and a sucker!  
  I am really glad I didn't wait til later to have his party, because I've been on the couch ever since with Braxton-Hicks contractions coming ALOT.  Grrr… not feeling well today so I'm glad we got his party out of the way before brother comes.  5 is a BIG deal because it means he is going to "big school" soon and his present from us was our trip to Disney World!  I'd say that is huge!

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Kimberly Parkison said...

For the hulk wall did you just wrap the boxes and rebuild the wall after each child knocked it down?

Carrie said...

Yes I collected large diaper boxes from friends. And ordered brick wrapping paper online (don't remember which online site/company). And rebuilt after each kid knocked it down. And they didn't mind helping to rebuild. After awhile they just went crazy and literally beat each box individually. What fun! And I didn't have to take the boxes apart for garbage purposes later! Lol!