Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The "End"

The day I walked in from the hospital, my hormones definitely got the best of me.  Its even harder when you KNOW its hormones and there's not a dang thing you can do about it to stop the flood of tears.  There are definitely moments when I wonder 'what the heck were we thinking having 4 kids?' and I tend to lose my mind when all 4 of them are talking to me at the same time.  Not to mention my 5th kid (hubby) asking me whats for dinner while the other 4 are seeking my attention.  Bless him, he had no idea that asking what the kids wanted for dinner would put me over the edge.

Luckily the hormones have been in check since that day.

Then Mati Claire says "mom… Mason FINISHES us."  I questioned what she meant (not understanding).  Then she said "He finishes our family."  oohhh!  I said "As in, he completes us?"  Leave it to Mati Claire to say the darndest things at the most opportune time.

No flooding of tears thank goodness, but definitely some sadness.  I think there are some extra physical pains from getting my tubes tied because I hurt in places I've never hurt before (2 wks later still).  That pain keeps reminding me of what was done… so it needs to go soon.  I don't need constant reminders that "we're done."  I love the babies!  Not regretting it, but just sad knowing that chapter of my life is done.  On the bright side, I'm already planning vacations in my mind and things we'll do when Mason is old enough!

Already I'm looking forward to getting back in my regular clothes and having energy again (which I know is a long way off)… but looking forward to it.

Looking back, as much as I HATE seeing pictures of myself, I do cherish the time I got to hold him closer than anyone:

talking to him

The most comfortable maternity dress ever.

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