Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Incredible Hulk

Not really incredible. Just call me the Hulk. Green and mean and can't control emotions. Twice this past week, I have lost control and literally felt my skin tingle, shake, and there's no dam strong enough to hold the tears back. I know its hormones. I think its almost funny because I don't remember crying ONE time when I was pregnant with MC. Matt says it must be all that testosterone growing. If this is what it feels like - I'm glad I'm a girl.

My goal this week is to do as little as possible and STAY HOME! If I don't answer my phone, it's because I'm napping, dozing, or snoozing. MC is not feeling well this week so we're staying inside!

Here are a few pictures from the Pumpkin Party this past weekend. MC did NOT handle it well but at least I got a few pics in. The party was fun, and to no one's fault, the Miley girls couldn't help turning green. One of those days where we should have stayed in bed.
My little 50's girl. Hmmm...next year's costume idea just came to me: The Hulk.
Running back to Mommy screaming and crying
"This is all I want to do Mommy" -- I apologize to whoever these mums belong to.


Sara said...

What a cute little 50s girl she was! I wanted Addison to be a sock hop/50s girl this year and Landry her counterpart, but Colin insisted they be an Ole Miss football player and cheerleader since we already a jersey and cheerleader outfit. Oh well!

Amy H. said...

She looks adorable in that costume! Sorry y'all haven't been feeling well. Hang in there, girl!

msergent said...

Mati Claire's costume is adorable on her! So cute!

And I know EXACTLY how you are feeling too. I feel like a crazy person this time around. Last Friday I was having a complete meltdown and could not stop crying. Hormones are taking over here too! Hope you feel better soon! Hang in there. :)